Thursday, September 30, 2010

So U.S. Is To Blame for Violence In Mexico By Deporting Crimnal Aliens.

We get the blame for the drug crimes, due to the lucrative  market here, now we are turning their illegals aliens into criminals and sending them back. Read more on Fox News post.

I would like to have our jails emptied right now, put them on a bus, whether their sentence is completed or not  and turn them loose across the fence and let them walk the rest of the way to where they came from. Watch that section of the border till they give up and go home.

California Congressional District 47 Going Vietnamese? Demcrat Rep.Sanchez In Trouble?

This is good news indeed. The post fromPajamas Media. The report reveals some of her questionable methods of getting out the vote when she won by on 900 some votes , defeating Bob (B1) Dornan, remember it well.

Her sister, Linda is in the district 39 not far from Anaheim, the major city in district 47. Linda is representing my district and is being challenged this time by Mr. Larry Andre <>. Linda won this district last time by 60%, but... 

1.25 Billion Obama Agriculture Settlement With Black Farmers May Be Fraudulent.

For instance, GOP lawmakers, Reps. M. Bachmann (R.Minn.), B.Goodlatte (R. Va) and Steve King (R.Iowa) revealed  that there were 94,000 claims while there are only 33,000 black farmers. Read more as reported at
The Hill.

Knowingly accepting grants or subsidies when you are not entitled by falsifying claims is a federal offense.

Not much will happen now, but after the election, hopefully a investigation will go forward.

Europeans Don't Like Cuts. Unrest Throughout Europe

The labor unions describe the financial crisis the worst since the 1930's. This report from BBC.

Would one presume that the unions are a part of the crisis?

Note that Germany is not participating, even though they are a part of the European Union. Is Germany  planning austerity measures? Perhaps not as severe.

These cut backs are going to further the unemployment into higher record breaking numbers. the BBC report states that Britain plans to cut government spending by 25%.

Trade unions out of control.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Power Out In Southern California.Yesterday 113 Degrees. Ready for Nuclear?

Power outages reported during this record breaking heat wave. No deaths so far from the heat. Compare with Chicago and New York a few years back, where widespread deaths were rampant. Nothing reported yet.

We have oil all around us, but cannot drill and build power plants. Environmentalists  have to back off some.

Nuclear is safe and economical. Our Navy has hundreds ships with nuclear power with no reported accidents.

You can read more in the Orange County Register. The Register is published in Santa Ana, CA.

Japan Allowing Burmese Refugees: Aging Population Being Restored?

BBC News reports that a small group being allowed to immigrate into Japanese society. If it works well, more will be allowed in. Japan has been generous to refugees, but has never allowed large numbers to live in Japan.

It is well known that Japan is not reproducing to maintain their population, In my opinion  this humane move can be a positive factor, being that they are Asian, and will blend into the society with ease.  

Alternative Medicine: If It Works,What's The Problem?

Some insurers are reluctant to give coverage for those that have such care as acupuncture, massage, etc. when some find relief with these methods when not always successful in the normal manner. However some are covering with riders to the members insurance. You can read more here LaTimes.

Some of these procedures are less expensive, would be of benefit to insurer and the patient.

Iran Showing Mercy. Not Stoning Adulterer, To Be Hanged

What is the US State Department position on this, or the UN's? Always on the forefront of being HUMANE.
Change of policy in Iran reported from New York Post. So, the religion of the terrorists is displaying its tender and loving side.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

More Government Torture. Rationing Ice Cream for Gitmo Inmates.

It's true, only one serving a day, according this post from American Thinker.

Another form of torture; can the Humanity Police be far behind?

California Governor Delays Brown's Execution One More Day

Sentenced in 1982. Maybe the governor is trying to torture the wretched creature.

Yeah, bring them in to die and then when they are ready, delay it, telling the beasts that we will do it later.

California has 708 waiting for execution. Do Californians take pride in this stupidity?

States Cannot Execute Due to Shortages of Lethal Injections

This means we cannot put them down unless we use the specific drug. What a farce. Could not believe this, so clicked on Seattle Times and sure enough, it is true.

What if the criminal is put down with a similar drug, the prison is going to be charged with wrongful death? Surely there are many other drug options.The article states that no, there are not. You must use the specific type dictated  by law.

We coddle our criminals as if they should not be punished.

I believe that the victim should have to right to determine how the death should be administered. Hanging, guillotine,firing squad, etc. This is not torture. 

Are The Generals In Step With Obama On Winning The Afghanistan War?

Bob Woodward's new book reveals the ineptness in the management so far; also top generals are not in agreement on Obama's policy so far. writer for this report J. Babbin ,titles it "Obama's Wars: Revolt of the Generals, Part 2", in the American Spectator.

There are 4 generals in this article having problems with Obama's approach to defeating terrorists.

Is Obama's strategy about winning elections or war?


Monday, September 27, 2010

Iran Vulnerable? Stuxnet Worm Spreading in Iran

Coming from a AP news report that the malware has been active in many industries in Iran. It has also been active in other countries as well, such as Indonesia, India and the United States.

Penetrated more areas than reported?

It would be interesting to know what country the malware originated from.

Unions Hiring Now - Non Union Picketers.

Posted on HOTAIR and on the "Daily Show" (of all places) to bring to national attention about hypocritical union policy. HOT AIR states that they are not the original sources of the report, will give credit when it is determined.

Can we ask if they were illegal aliens?

Birthers, Still alive and Well? Democrats in Hawaii Are Mum.

Reported at WorldNetDaily that the Democrat National Committee did not certify eligibility for Barrack Hussein Obama.
Many questions stirred by the over one million dollars spent to prevent release of  his state birth certificate and scholastic records.   

Anybody Know What Is Going On With The Market? W,Buffet Not Sure

Posted Sunday at American Thinker, the Buffet Mystery, Mr. Buffet is not sure if we are  in or out of the recession. Also, we have been given the news from government sources that the recession was over last year.  Warren Buffet now says we will get out of it. Eventually?

Friday, September 24, 2010

Aviation History: Human Powered Aircraft

From Ontario, Canada, shown here MailOnline and Drudge Report we witness the first airplane powered by a young man, who lost 18 lbs be able to get it aloft. Might not show much in practical use, but I would think it would be great as a glider, soaring , picking up thermals, going forever, needing no boost or help to get it aloft.

Mexico Should Learn From Columbia How to Deal With Terrorists

20 terrorists killed in Columbia, which includes the leaders. A great accomplishment for Columbia; where Mexico is overrun by drug lords, terrorizing the whole population.  President of Mexico is losing the war. News from Investors Business Daily via Lucianne.

A Local British Local Govt. to Outsource Most Services.Less Govt. in England?

A strong union and socialist England in local government is going to outsource to bring down their costs. Nothing like that here has made the news. This was posted on BBC. The local government plans on reducing costs 30%.
In this article, they are planning on outsourcing the library.

If socialist England gets the message, how soon will it follow here?

Want to Buy General Motors? Workers Drinking Alcohol on Breaks.

Now GM is  government owned and look how it is being managed. Workers caught during break going to the nearby liquor store and buying drinks and then smoking in the park. It's the union label. You can read more about it on The Blaze. How's that bail out working?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Oprah & Comic Jon Stewart With A Counter Rally, To "Restore Sanity"

Is Beck's "Restoring Honor" insane? Honoring our military and Martin Luther King on 9/11. Are they serious? But considering the source, I am not surprised. You can read more about it here The Hill and

Bell City Officials Arrested. More Investigations to Follow?

Bell city manager arrested and seven others being accused of corruption and also voter fraud.
Nearby California cities, such as Vernon, Huntington Park, Bell Gardens, Maywood, Southgate, Compton, which have have the same populace as Bell, those city officials could face some close scrutiny.This news report from Orange County Register and Los Angeles Times.

We have corruption in the high places and in our cities. How close to "Banana Republics" are we?

California Budget 85 Days No Vote. There Will Be One in November!

Ho Hum, same old story out of Blumberg via Lucianne. Most of the blame always comes from the Democrats who complain about the 2/3 majority to pass important legislation, such as the budget. 51% is not a fair imposition when you can just get majority on the peoples money. But they(Democrats) don't see it as the taxpayers money, they somehow see it as a carte blanc to do what they want with it, and most of it is for education backed by the strong unions. Dump more into education and it seems the worse it gets.

Companies are leaving California for a safe place and friendly to employers. A great place to live, spoiled by the greed of unions.

We have to work hard on a fair redistricting this time around or there is going to be more of the same old crap.

Afirmative Action General Powel Says He Did Not Hire Illegals.

Well then he lied to us in earlier post. So is his credibility shot? Did he have any to begin with is what I'm now asking? A Republican voting for Obama and now saying he doe not and never did hide or hire illegals.

In my opinion maybe all he wanted was another time with the media  just to show his face to us all again and say some more silly things.

Colin, you remind me of the organ in my body, being full of it most of the time. This report with interesting comments from  American Thinker.

Obama's War Strategy, "Absorb" the Next Strike

A shocking revelation as reported in FoxNews. This is in Woodward's new book, Obama's Wars.

What are we to do now, cower, hide, go for living in the countryside and wait? O.K. we know Obama is incompetent and now we know he has zero concept of what he is advocating; what is worse,  listening are Sec. of  Defense, generals, and staff  sitting in the war room and nodding their heads in the affirmative.

God help us!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

President Carter, The Worst President, Yields to Obama

However, posted in Hotair, the President has a different opinion, Says he is the best. All I can say that he may have the adulation of peanuts worlwide.

Do You Know The Cost of Goverment Regulations? $1.75 Trillion.

A staggering figure for government regulations alone. What is it to manage it? This study by The article to read for further information is titled "Red Tape Rising".

It is time for a real House and Senate cleaning.

Every Child Born Today Owes $118,000 to National Debt

Are our youths waking up? Might be the case. The19-29 year old are leaving the Democratic Party in large numbers. This news as revealed by Pajamas Media from the New York Times. 20% are unemployed.

Who is going to pay this debt?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hyundai, Bullish on the USA

From the Orange County Register in Santa Ana, California, is a news item that a major Korean auto maker is going to have a new Elantra built in Alabama and the other model a Santa Fe, built in Georgia. The Register's news report has a video review of the 2010 Elantra.

They also plan to enlarge their home office in Orange County as well, doubling their size.

Will California ever be ready to entice auto assembly and manufacturing plants here? Not with the anti business and manufacturing climate that has been holding forth in Sacramento too long.

Take Time to Slow Down

Books being replaced by computers. Good for us?
Fr Vasile Catalin's essay "Beneath the Surface" in Orthodoxy Today tells us to take time away from the computer; it is helpful for one's well being to involve yourself in deep thought and to understand all with more depth. 

I wonder what the transition was when the Gutenberg Press started printing?

Red Sea Parting Explained

BBC NEWS has interesting news about some computer findings which attributed the opening of the Red Sea by strong winds. Video and more information at BBC.

Acts of God explained, other miracles happened at the time of Exodus, manna from heaven, water from rocks, waiting to be explained as well.

I myself am not too curious about how God did these things. I might ask how the strong winds come up at the same time that the Israelis approached the sea.  

Obama Decides Church Attendance Might Help?

InIsraeltoday a report of a rare siting of the the First Family going to church. What has some wondering why he chose the morning that a pro-Palistinian Muslim activist is speaking; these thoughts originating from the article in Israeltoday.
I am not surprised at what PR trick our president might be employing to keep his opinion ratings from dipping further into the cellar.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Andrew Breitbart of Big Government Ends Angry Mob's Protest

Sears Centre in Chicago was the scene of shouting paid union protesters today. Mr. Breitbart of Big Government asks many placard holders why they were carrying. They could not answer.  Many shouted at Mr. Breitbart obscene and hateful verbiage. Take a look at the video for a complete report of unions hard at work to promote hate. Mr. Breitbart, a brave man. The crowd finally dispersed due to his constantly asking these paid union protesters why they were there. Take a look and read on Big Government.  

Rumsfeld's memoir "Known and Unknown",Will Be Top Seller

News 24 giving us the heads up on an important tell all book. Mr. Rumsfeld, a great leader, and an object of much controversy when he was Secretary of Defense. An important note, is that he is donating all proceeds to veteran's charities. Read more about the book on News 24. A great man, I can't wait to read this revealing tell all book. 

The Next Speaker of the House Should Be Like Gov. Chris Christie.

The Daily Caller coined a term badassity for his choice in his article today. Some of his choices are John Boehner, Mike Pence and David Drier. My choice would be the presiding minority leader, John Boehner, he is a proven leader and is tough.

Afirmative Action General Powell Braggs How He Hires Illegals

In a report from and originating from AP, the General is telling all that he deliberately violates the law hiring illegals to work on his home. He is also the one that supported the worst president ever. Maybe someone should check on how he is paying his help; is he making the proper FICA deductions? Another law violation. Is he a tightwad or in the first stage of Alzheimer disease?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Video-Spray On Clothing

Well, it's here, anything possible these days. You can see a demonstration on

POPSCI (Popular Science site)

A sure fit guaranteed.

Obama Changed the Wording of The Declaration of Independence,Delets Creator.

Speaking to the Mexican caucus, go to American Thinker and watch the video, to spare you the agony, you can find the rewording in the last minute of the tirade.
The President not believing in God, ends his ranting, boasting and cheer leading with "God bless America" anyway. What a phony. 

Do You Want Your Tax Dollars to Bail Out Unions?

Today on Canada Free Press there is this article revealing the news that your U.S. Congress is hard at work paying back the unions for helping them stay in office. From Canada Free Press an excerpt of the article.

     Then comes the legislation that tells a lie just in the title of the bill: “Employee Free Choice Act” (EFCA) when in fact is will be the “Employee Forced Choice Act” by taking away the traditional American way of fairness ‘Secret Ballot’ from union members and forcing them to just sign a card that a union goon (like a Black Panther) will shove in their face and demand their signature.
Unions, out of control.


Is "Cussing" Cool , Or a Display of Phony Manliness?

On Cyberbrethern , where I visit often to get good common sense opinions about life and how to live it. "Cussing" shows crassness, dishonoring our Lord, uncontrolled temper and limited vocabulary.

Rep. John Boehner(Baynor), Elitist?

President Obama alluding to us that Rep. John Boehner is one of those Republican "fat cats". Here is a report from a heart warming account of his life story; the second of 12 kids, tells it all. These are the kind of leaders we need. What is also interesting, is that this report has come from the Telegraph(UK). Would we ever have a news story like this from any U.S. news source?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Is 7 Years for Drunk Driving Death Enough?

     A teenage drunk-driver who knocked down and killed a trainee teacher has been sentenced to seven years detention. BBC News reported.
Further reading reveals that after the accident, the youth returned to the vehicle to retrieve his vodka, disregarding the victim. Unfeeling, dispassionate creature; 7 years will not teach him anything. 15 years after sentence no driving license permitted. He was driving without a license when he killed the victim. No hope for this man.

Castro Follower in NY-22 Race

This should be a huge boost to the Republican challenger. Everyone knows Fidel Castro. You would think one would avoid him like the plague. Pajamas Media by Bryan Preston, reporting.
     Campaign Shock: Democrat Rep. Maurice Hinchey uses meeting with Castro to raise money.UPDATED.
Can he be serious?

Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Murders in Acapulco,Mexico. 7 Dead.

A great resort city at one time, does anyone dare go there? News from 9News and AP reporting.

Pity the poor people not involved in this drug war.

Mexico has many resources , oil , it's beach resorts, friendly citizens; what a shame.