Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Cheney Fears Being Tried as a War Criminal, Says Former Powell Chief of Staff.

Powell voted for Obama and may again, tells me a lot about another Affirmative Action product. He voted for a black president is my thought.
Remember this, Affirmative Action means, Not the best.
The way this Powell shafted Scooter Libby, will be in my memory a long time.

Read more and view videos on ABC NEWS by Shushannah Walshe.

American Legion Members National Convention Heard the President's Promises.

The news service states that the veterans are not sure.
They know that the president has no real feeling or care for our warriors and vets. He has demonstrated it time and again.
They listened politely and showed respect for the Commander in Chief, but I bet that was all.

Read more from Fox News by Ruth Ravve.

Melson, ATF Director Has a New Assignment to DC, Follows Investigation of ATF & Others.

Is this a promotion?
Will this silence those that are in the know?
Still can be called in to answer questions under oath.
Plead the 5th, to cover for the higher ups the next move?
This is serious, thousands of Mexicans and one American police officer dead because of this experiment by Obama's administration.

Read more from the Washington Post by Jerry Markon and Sari Horwitz

Vegetarian Dining Has Opened at a Texas University.

A cattle state, that's interesting.
I believe former President Clinton has adopted the vegan diet. Says he has lost weight.
Is this a fad? green is into leafy veggies.
Humans were not designed to be without meat. How will you get you iron minerals? Soon they will be anemic.
When winter term starts, the kids will be wanting their pizzas, hamburgers and wieners again.
Just a thought.

Read more from Reuters by Judy Wiley. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

"White Guilt" Put Obama in the White House.

Good point Mr. Limbaugh.
This is the opening part of Rush's opening Monday monologue.
  Rush pointed out that Shelby Steele , prominent black writer and speaker has authored the "White  Guilt".
Another point:
Are there any other "guilt pangs" in our country today? How about "Women Guilt"? They did not get the right to vote until 1920. Shame on us men.   

Read more from Rush Limbaugh.

175,000 Feet of Copper Wire Stolen Near I-95 Miami.

It would seem to me hard to fence this. Police would canvas scrap dealers and find the wire somewhere on the premises.
It is illegal to purchase stolen goods-felony offense. Just a thought.

Read more from Business Insider by Eric Goldschein.

Colin Powell Says He Is Not Sold on OBama.Who Cares What You Think.

Affirmative Action means= Not the best.
That's what we got.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Khadafy Has 1.1 Billion in US Banks.

Confiscate for our payment in the war effort.
There is probably more elsewhere, Britain, France, Qatar, so many places to collect our debts.

Read more from the NY POST by Isabel Vincent and Melissa Klein.

Mexico's Sinola Drug Cartel's Massive Expansion of Meth Drug.

Unsettling news. It would seem the cartel must have Mexican officials too busy or afraid to make raids and clean up and win the war against the drug lords.
A police raid found 1,462 50 gallon drums of drug ingredients. Lots of volume and then the lab work hidden somewhere.
Here is an excerpt of what has been found.
But nobody was prepared for the size of the meth network officials found in industry-heavy Queretaro, one of Mexico's safest states in terms of drug violence. The two seizures were related, the U.S. official said, and came out of the arrest of a local meth distributor months ago.
Mr. President, close our borders and stop this drug trade. Mexico's President is blaming the US for buying the drugs. He has a good point.

Cheney Accused by Powell in Taking "Cheap Shots" in His Book"In My Time".

Powell, the Affirmative Action example; meaning, you do not get the best.
Scooter Libby comes to mind, how Powell screwed him. Would like to read Scooter's book someday.
He supports this incompetent black and white, president, who is destroying our country.
I fault George Bush for appointing this Affirmative Action general to lead our army and then Secretary of State. 
Political Correctness, before good sense.

More from Yahoo!News- AT& T

Obama Against Secret Ballot. How Undemocratic Can He Get?

Our secret ballot, a basic right.
How would you like it if someone is looking over your shoulder when you are voting.
Starts with the corrupt unions, then your ballot for any election.
This should not be in any kind of debate. I am astonished.

More from Townhall by Ken Blackwell.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Psalm Sunday

Psalm 1

Blessed is the man
Who walks not in the counsel
  of the ungodly,
Nor sits in the seat of the scornful;
But his delight is in the law of the Lord,
And in His law he meditates day and 
He shall be like a tree
   Planted by the rivers of water,
   That brings forth its fruit in its season,
   Whose leaf also shall not wither;
And whatever he does shall prosper.

The ungodly are not so,
But are like the chaff which the wind drives
Therefore the ungodly shall not stand in the
Nor sinners in the congregation of the

For the Lord knows the way of the
But the way of the ungodly shall perish.

New King James Version

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Most Blacks Agree Obama Has Been Treated Unfairly.

He has made many promises and delivered on none.
Everybody knows he is an Affirmative Action president and now found to be inept in all characteristics.
He is in way over his head, as so many Americans are saying.

Read more from Real Clear Politics by Elijah Cummings.

Growth of Christianity in Iran, the Regime Destroys Bibles.

The news article states that during the revolution of 1979 there were 500 Christians, now there are 100,000.
What does that tell you?
They risk their lives. Some are in prison.
We must pray for them.

More from CNS NEWS by Patrick Goodinough.

Mexico Casino Attacked; 40 Killed. Drug Cartel Again.

For you safety, stay away from Mexico.
Drug lords, fighting each other.
Out of control; are the Mexicans too frightened to rise up?
Where is the macho man?

For more of violent Mexico go to the writer is Kathy Corcoran.

National Anthem Deemed "Too Violent" by Mennonite College.

Kind of silly of them.
They left Europe to find a safe haven for practicing their religion.
They are safe here by our wars to protect them and our rights.
They are good people , but should respect and love our anthem and flag.

More from NBC Washington by Greg Wilson.

Public Debt Ceiling in Constitution for France, Germany and Now Spain.

Will the good old US of A follow suit?
This the real hope, we the people are needing.

More from the DW - WORLD. DE- author Nicole Goebel (Reuters, AP, SFP)

Friday, August 26, 2011

"Woman's Equality Day" Declared by Obama. Now Equal by Decree.

President Obama Ends Vacation Early, Deal With Hurricane.

Illegal Aliens, Go to College in California With Resident Rates. It's True.

They are illegal!
Our laws are laughed at by these that abuse our way of life.
Can I disregard law as well?
Our state is near bankrupt, and now this!

Read more about this travesty at the La Times by Teresa Watanabe

Obama's Job Plan May Include More Stimulus.

More stimulus, has not worked before; I presume they are thinking it was not enough. Heaven help us!
How did we elect this creature? 
Harvard graduate, Harvard is saying "He's not one of us".

Read more about it in MSNBC - Reuters.

Since 1948,Youths Employment Lowest on Record.

Illegals take millions of jobs that our untrained, illiterate youths can do. 
Abolish minimum wage requirement. 
Many, unfortunately, cannot fill out an application. 

More from CNS NEWS by Penny Starr.

Madoff, Ponzi Master, Says Insider Trading Common on Wall Street.

What does this Madoff want, a few years taken off his sentence?
Then, lets hear some names.
I don't believe it, otherwise he would have made some pleas during his arraignment.

More from Agence France Presse.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

EPA Is Killing More Jobs Than Economy Can Provide. Blame Obama.

Yes, blame Obama- If he cares.
A huge agency, has its claws into everything, especially our legislatures statewide and DC.
Can it be underfunded by the House of Representatives? They have the "purse strings", is my thought.
Read an excerpt from the Front Page report,
“The EPA’s deception of the public is outrageous and it exposes the agency’s underlying zeal to regulate without regard to the consequences of its actions. EPA’s actions may very well put the reliability of our electricity supply in jeopardy,” said Tom Borelli, Ph.D., director of the National Center for Public Policy Research’s Free Enterprise Project.
Shutting down coal mining, oil, and oil shale processing, all are employers of thousands.

Read more from Front Page Magazine by Floyd and Mary Beth Brown.

Circumcision Pondered by Calififornia Lawmakers. It's True.

Yes it is true, these lawmakers, and that they are, pass hundreds, maybe thousands of bills  every year, and for what?
Pleading ignorance of the law. you have a good case!
What is their concern? Might cut off the penis?
Where is it being done now, in the kitchen with a butcher knife?
Lawmakers have too much time on their hands.
It's O.K. to kill a baby in the womb, but to botch a circumcision job is criminal. 

More from a report from Breitbart by Adam Weintraub.

New Regulations for Goat Herder's. Team Obama Has Enacted. It's True.

Makes you want to sigh or scream.
An excerpt from the article.
The Obama administration is setting new workplace regulations to assist foreign workers who fill goat herding positions in the U.S. , including employee-paid cell phones and comfy beds.

These new special procedures issued by the Labor Department must be followed by employers who want to hire temporary agricultural foreign workers to perform sheep herding or goat herding activities.  It describes strict rules for sleeping quarters, lighting, food storage, bathing, laundry, cooking and new rules for the counters where food is prepared.
More from Human Events by Audrey Hudson.

Obama on Vacation, Calls CEOs for Help on His Jobs Plan.

I thought his jobs plan was ready to enact after September jobs surprise.
We will not be fooled again. Just more lies and lies.
Did he call the CEO of GM?

More from the article at ABC NEWS by David Kerley.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

China's One Child Policy Endorsed by Vice President Biden.

He is definitely pro-selective murder.
This creature is our Vice President.
How did this happen to us?
Is this for real- or a bad dream?
A Catholic in name only.
God will judge you harshly Vice President Biden.

Read more about him in the Investors Business Daily

Philadelphia Shooting, 500 Witnesses, All Are Silent.

500 watching an outdoor basketball game and the shooter fires into the crowd. Escapes.
It would be nice if some in the crowd could fire back.
The criminals have guns but we can't defend ourselves.
Mayor Nutter was there after the shooting. 
Has offered a $20,000 reward.
At one time, it was known as the city of brotherly love.

Read more about Philadelphia on by Mike Newall.

Lesbian Sex Book Pulled From New Jersey School District.

Good news!
A liberal state that is wising up. Wish that my California would wake up and wise up.
They were just getting students to read. Bah!
Something wrong with Dickens, Mark Twain and James Fenimore Cooper?

Read more to be shocked how school administration thinks on Fox News by Todd Starnes.

A Illinois Manufacturer is Moving to Indiana. Tax Incentives.

Illinois congressman says offering an incentive is a bribe.
Such stupidity.
Illinois just passed a high tax on all businesses. Now the movement to lower tax states or countries begins.

More from Chicago Tribune by Ray Long.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Overflow of Unemployed Are Tapping Social Security Disability Fund.

Why is disability related to Social Security Retirement's Fund? 
Many of these have not paid a dime into any fund.
It should come out of the welfare fund. 
Offer a reward of $3000 for any tip leading to exposing the frauds. It's a felony! 

Read more about what's happening to your retirement on Invstors Business Daily Editorial.

$896 Million for Libyan War to Date.

Nato operation for European oil.  We get none of the oil.
Can we collect on the sale to Europe for our pay back?

Read more about it from ABC NEWS by Jack Tapper.

Congresswoman Waters is Vile, Says Presidential Candidate Santorum.

Rep. Maxine Waters mouthing off with that Tea Party can go straight to hell; this is offensive to us Americans who are Tea Party supporters, we pay our taxes, serving and have served in the military, and some of us are out of a job as well. But considering the source of this gutter talk she is a prime example of who she is and who she represents by this disgusting remark from a US House Representative.

It should be pointed out that this speaker, Maxine Waters and her husband are under investigation by House ethics committee for months now, she is charged with saving a bank she and her husband are involved in.

She might if the House gets around to it, find herself a candidate for going to jail.

Read more from WOR News Radio.

When the Lights Go Out, Blame EPA.

  • Electric car batteries cannot be charged.
  • Shut down or slow down of major industries and retail(stores will close at night). Layoffs.
  • Safety at home and work place- improvising for heat or air conditioning.
More to read about the EPA's draconian regulations on Investor's Business Daily Editorial.

Why not just defy the regulations, what can they do? They ignore our immigration laws.

Monday, August 22, 2011

"The Tea Party Can Go Straight to Hell". Says Rep. Maxin Waters.

One of the star Democrat trash talkers. There are many.
Her ethics investigation got side lined, but will come up next year.
The Tea Par-tiers will be in full control then. They will be after you and the investigation outcome.

More to read about her visit to a city in her district, she is talking about jobs.Los Angeles Times By Shelby Grad.

Our Economy Being Assaulted by the EPA.

EPA creates regulations coming from the clean act, which are more than what many congress persons might be saying, this is going too far.
Refer to this excerpt which fully explains what we are headed for.
Economists estimate that just four of these dozens of rules could alone cost the economy trillions of dollars annually. In addition, the rules will cost millions of jobs and raise energy prices, and all with little or no public-health benefit.
Year 2012 cannot come fast enough.

More from the National Review Online by Sterling Burnett.

George Will Says We Couldn't Build Hoover Dam Today Due to the EPA.

The EPA is getting out of control.
Arrogant, have no common sense. 
Wildlife is more important than our economy and jobs.
Read a clip of what George Will said.
GEORGE WILL: You referred to the Hoover Dam, great achievement of the '30s. You couldn't build the Hoover Dam today because they'd discover a snail darter in the Colorado River and would stop it.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sunday Psalm

Psalm 54

Save me, O God, by Your name,
   and vindicate me by Your strength,
Hear my prayer, O God;
Give ear to the words of my mouth.
For strangers have risen up against me,
And oppressors have sought after my life;
They have not set God before them.

Behold God is my helper;
The Lord is with those who uphold my life.
He will repay my enemies for their evil.
Cut them off in Your truth.

I will freely sacrifice to You;
I will praise Your name, O Lord,
   for it is good.
For He has delivered me out of all troubles;
and my eye has seen its desire upon my

New King James Version

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Buffett's Call for Tax Increases for the Rich. Koch Responds.

I wonder how Mr. Buffett has his income tax sheltered by tax loopholes that his cronies in DC arranged for him.
Here is Mr. Koch's letter in response.
“Much of what the government spends money on does more harm than good; this is particularly true over the past several years with the massive uncontrolled increase in government spending. I believe my business and non-profit investments are much more beneficial to societal well-being than sending more money to Washington. — Charles G. Koch, Chairman and CEO, Koch Industries, Inc.
Read more from National Review by Daniel Forester.

400,000 Chevy Impalas With Suspension Defect, GM Not Responsible,Was Before Bankruptcy.

If it is Union and Government made, your screwed.

Read more about you government run car manufacturing here. Reuters by Jonathan Stempel.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Flash Mobs a Problem for Police.

It seems that would be easy; offer a high reward for any tipster, then the plain cloths police will be ready to arrest  when it starts.
These youths are not very bright, when arrested , just copy the phone numbers and the police will confiscate the phones and alert phone companies to not sell to these individuals.
Severe penalty for minor infractions, hard labor, such as cleaning latrines, minding the latrines at night for taggers, if they keep it free of tags , the sooner they get off the job.
Just a thought.

For more about the flash mobs read USA TODAY by Rick Jervis.

Careful In Displaying Your Gold Jewlery, Might Be Ripped Off Your Neck.

A lot easier than stealing copper. Copper is hard to sell/fence.
A sign of the Obama Times. 

More about jewelry crime from La Times by Stuart Pfeifer.

300,000 Illegal Immigrants to Get Reviewed Before Being Deported.

Amnesty by Obama's decree.
A real make work and more useless government jobs. Thousands of blacks will be reviewing the Mexicans deportation order. That will be interesting.
2012 will not come soon enough.

More from Chron by Susan Carroll -Houston Chronicle.

Oakland Townhall Meeting, Pelosi Gets Heckled Over Debt Ceiling Vote.

Some shouting "your satan sandwich gave us heart burn".
Why did you pass the bill then?

More to read and watch video on Mediate  by Alex Alvarey.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

An Illegal Jumbo Rodent Running Free in Pasa Robles, CA.

Weighs about 100 lbs. From South America. Looks like a small pig.
The Ranger stated that it might have been brought over as a pet.

Read more and there are pictures on Yahoo News by Mike Krumboltz.

E.P.A. Getting Strong Criticism From G.O.P. Candidates.

Lock the doors of E.P.A. says Michelle Bachmann.
Department of Education , Agriculture, OSHA, should be next on the shut down agenda.
They would be missed only by the people that staff these useless government agencies.

Read the rest of the report from the New York Times by John Broder.

Rep. Paul Ryan Being Encouraged to Run. Backed by Mitch Daniels.

He is better where he is, he probably could be the next speaker.
I want Perry, if I can't have Sarah.

Read more from The Weekly Standard by Stephen F.Hayes.

Obama Plans to Give Another Economy-Jobs Speech After Labor Day.

After vacation of course.
Vacation will help him reflect on how "vacant" he is.
Why not speak on Labor Day? That's what it is all about! Labor!

Read more from chron by Ben Feller.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Obama Says He is Having it Tougher Than President Lincoln.

He needs to read American History.
I believe the poor Obama is in over his head.
The Great Whiner.
God help our nation.

Read more from The Daily Caller by Neil Munro.

Black Panthers Scandal Revived by New Court Ruling. Judical Watch Ever Vigilant.

Our Attorney General appears to covering up for this criminal element.
Judicial Watch, keeping the fire burning on this of many scandals including the Mexican drug lords being supplied by ATF and others. When will we get to the bottom of that?

More to read from Big Government by Tom Finton from Judicial Watch.

Three ATF Supervisors Promoted, Draws Senator Cornyn's Concern.

What does this mean? You guys keep your mouth shut.
What good will that do if you get before Rep. Issa's committee.
Risk perjury. That's a felony.

Read more from this report from Fox News.

Ward Off Alzheimers: Drink Wine. Loyola Study.

Good news! I'll drink to that.
Study of over 300,000 moderate drinkers of wine, beer and spirits. Wine is reported the most effective.
Loyola, a respected university.

Read more of this interesting and important study Chicago Sun-Times.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Governor Rick Perry Is for a Secure Border.

That is good news about the border, but what about the 20 million illegals here now?
He has to have a better plan for dealing with our present illegals. He won't get tough, not sure I want this man for president. 

More from Town Hall by Katie Pavlich.

New Study: Being Obese or Fat is Good for You.

Good news, I would like to see more studies.
How obese can you be?

Read the report from My Fox-Boston

Governor Rick Perry's Military Service, A Plus Factor.

I believe it should be an important issue when deciding on the Commander in Chief.
He will show respect and love for his warriors.
George Bush was great on that, I will never forget it.

Read more from The Telegraph by James Corum.

Wisconsin's Teacher's Union to Lay Off 40 % of Staff.

Good news.
What do they do  anyway, just circulate around and make trouble?

More from The Sheboygan's Station WHBL.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Established Illegal Farm Workers in Salinas Valley in Conflict With New Illegals.

Greenfield, California, described as the "Salad Bowl of the World", this Steinbeck Country city is actually a sanctuary city for harvesters. 
Tribal conflict is one way to describe the unrest.
No solution until the farmers find a way to pick lettuce and other vegetables by machine.

Read an excellent report in the Seattle PI by Gosia Wazniacka.

Is There Something Wrong When a Public Figure Invokes Prayer?

What do the liberal Democrats want, our politicians to be atheists?
An excerpt from the news article.
One can only imagine the public’s reaction had this nation’s press ganged up to treat Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and Franklin Delano Roosevelt as oddities when they invoked the name of God and called the nation to pray, as they all did, often.
Read more from the press report of the Union Leader.

UK Rioters Should Be Named and Shamed Says Home Secretary.

These creatures have no shame.
In New England, 300 years ago, they put them in stocks so irate citizens could walk by and spit on them.
Two generations who can be written off as LOST. No recovery.
We have the same right here in good old US of A!
There is one exception, our brave USA armed forces, I am so proud!

Read more from this news report by The Telegraph (UK) by Tom Whitehead.

Detroit UAW Workers Angry About Low Wage Contract.

$14 an hour for entry level assembly work is not a living wage?
Robots in Japan can do the work.
Work is easy money, just stand there and install bolts and stuff as the vehicles go by.
Thousands would line up for the job.
Who are these people that that think they can buy a house at entry pay scale?

More from the Detroit Free Press by Brent Snavely.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Sunday Psalm

Psalm 43

Vindicate me, O God,
And plead my cause against an ungodly
Oh, deliver me from the deceitful and unjust
For You are the God of my strength;
Why do I go mourning because of
   the oppression of the enemy?

Oh, send out Your light and Your truth!
Let them lead me;
Let them bring me to Your holy hill
And to Your tabernacle.
Then I will go to the altar of God,
To God my exceeding joy;
And on the harp I will praise You,
O God , my God.

Why are you cast down, O my soul?
And why are you disquieted within me?
Hope in God;
For I shall yet praise Him,
The help of my countenance and my God.

New King James Version

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Zetas, Violent Mexican Drug Gang, Controls Migrants Smuggling. 3 Million Enter Yearly.

Shocking, 3 million a year get across. That is 8 thousand a day.
Unbelievable, how can that be?
No comment from Homeland Security.
The news report states the illegals pay $7000 to get a passage via tractor-trailer and Asians pay $30,000.
Where are these illegals going to work? With 10 to 20 percent unemployment and worse in agriculture where the drouth in Texas and California has stopped harvesting.
Maybe standing on the street corner selling fruit and trinkets or even drugs.

Read more of this "eye opening' news report from McClatchy Newspapers by Tim Johnson.

U.S. Officials Fear Qaeda Trying to Produce Lethal Toxin Bombs.

Be very worried. We must not leave Afghanistan and anywhere else where El Qaeda network exists. Yemen it would be the next trouble spot to take on. This war is going to be a long one.
Refer to excerpt that explains the very deadly toxin.
For more than a year, according to classified intelligence reports, Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen has been making efforts to acquire large quantities of castor beans, which are required to produce ricin, a white, powdery toxin that is so deadly that just a speck can kill if it is inhaled or reaches the bloodstream.
Read the New York Times by Eric Schmitt and Thom Shanker

UK Brings Former New York Police Chief to Advise Cameron. "Get Tough"With Hooligans .

A nation's police force without weapons, other than a stick, is not going to get it done.
Give them a side arm pistol, a club and a big canister of pepper spray. London 'Bobbies' might need some special indoctrination.
And when they are arrested, where are they going to imprison them? These youths have been out of a job for years, all they know is "hanging out" and making trouble. Just like here in the US of A. 
They might try some kind of boot camp for those that don't want to learn. Have to keep them busy, so start with work camps. Many can be deported, get busy with that.

More to read from the Telegraph-UK by Jan Swaine and James Kirkup.

Calls by Rep.West and NRA for Attorney General Holder to Resign. Obama Rejects.

This is what Rep.Issa of California is investigating at this time and the Senate as well.
Justice denied.
Wait till Rep. Issa finishes and then indict, let the chips fall, all the way up to the top. 
Here is an excerpt from the Politico news report.
Rep. Allen West (R-Fla.) and the National Rifle Association have called for Holder's resignation over "Operation Fast and Furious," the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives investigation that monitored suspicious gun sales. Several of the weapons have been recovered from drug gangs in Mexico and two guns were found at the scene of the shooting death of a U.S. Border Patrol Agent last December.
However, when asked at a roundtable with Spanish-language print media on Monday whether Holder should quit, Obama said flatly, "No."
Read more Politico by Josh Gerstein.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Texas Governor Perry Is in the Race for President.

I'm waiting for Sarah, but Rick will be just fine.
Quite a slate we have this time.
I'm excited.

Hypersonic Aircraft Test Ended. Craft Capable of 13,000 MPH.

Air Forces, research and development test ended prematurely. 20 minutes flight.
Craft went down somewhere in the Pacific Ocean.
Hope the funding does not end.

More about this exciting test- see diagrams of flight on The Los Angeles Times by W.J. Hennigan and Tom Reinken.

U.S. Post Office Plans to Cut 120,000 Jobs and Ending Health Care Plan.

Postal Unions and their agreements are to be broken. U.S. Post Office seeking to survive, somehow.
Unions caused this, but too late now to break away from some of their holds on the workers.
My, glory be! What a wonderful development!

Read more from The Washington Post by Joe Davidson.

Britain Sums Up Damage and Plans Anti-Riot Strategy.

The Prime Minister interrupted his vacation- but seemed to be a bit late to take charge.
Allowing damage to citizens and their property, instead of 'getting tough' with these malcontents, it is  poor leadership, he observed lawlessness, should have moved to stop it immediately. 
Will it happen here in the good old US of A?
We have our guns, but can we use them? The police will be all over you if you do, is my thought.

Read more from the Wall Street Journal by Alistair Macdonald.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Four Nights, Britain Still Burning.

Late for action, but the police had better get tough, mean and ruthless.
First priority is the innocent, fighting off the mobs with nothing but their bare hands.
Won't happen in USA, we have our guns!

Read more from Commentary Magazine by Abe Greenwald.

Armed Shopkeepers in Britain; Things Would Be Different.

The mobs were not armed, but the shopkeepers could have a canister of tear gas or pepper spray, which would be more effective.
Leaving the citizens with no way to protect themselves, certainly is not the proper governance. 
Most of the time the police only arrive after the violence. 

Read more from the Telegraph (UK) by Nile Gardiner.

Bachmann in Newsweek's Cover, What's All the Fuss About?

How many readers does this magazine have?
In the thousands at most.
I read it every now and then when I am in my MD's waiting room.

Read more from News Busters by Alex Fitzsimmons.

Investor's Business Daily Says 'A President in Over His Head Should Resign'.

Finally someone come out and said it.
Everybody knows who that incompetent person is.
Could we tread water with Biden for two more years? 
Biden, some said is Obama's insurance of no impeachment attempt.
I think Obama soon will run out of a press briefing or meeting crying and screaming.

More from Investor's Business Daily by Doug Mackinnon.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Al Gore, Something Amiss With Him. Speaking in Aspen,Shouting & Cussing.

Al Gore is unwell mentally.
He would have been our president by a narrow margin. God has been with us , so far.
Here is an excerpt of the almost president. We were lucky and in God's hands.
Making the rounds right now is this recording of a recent Gore appearance in Aspen, where I guess he thinks shouting expletives will be more convincing than his gauzy mockumentary.  Some excerpts:
And some of the exact same people — I can go down a list of their names — are involved in this. And so what do they do? They pay pseudo scientists to pretend to be scientists to put out the message: “This climate thing, it’s nonsense. Man-made CO2 doesn’t trap heat. It may be volcanoes.” Bullshit! “It may be sun spots.” Bullshit! “It’s not getting warmer.” Bullshit! . . . There’s no longer a shared reality … It’s no longer acceptable in mixed company — meaning bipartisan company — to use the goddamn word “climate.”
You can read more at Power Line by Steven Hayward.

Great Britain, Once Proud Empire, Whimpers While It Burns.

For three days unable to stop. Fear of reprisals, from what quarter, may I ask?
Innocent people's lives and homes destroyed because law enforcement is reluctant to get tough. Unbelievable!
Law enforcement is more concerned about the criminals than the victims.

Read Power Lines "Descent into Evil" report and view pics here at Power Line by John Hinderaker.

"You have Damaged Your Own Race." Says Black Mayor of Philadelphia.

Tough mayor, will it do any good?
Police in Philly afraid to act, just like in London.
Imposed a 9 pm curfew for youths. Does he have the cops to enforce it?
I wish him luck.
This is the 3rd lost generation of hoods and more generations to follow. Give up or get tough.

There is more to read The Daily Caller by Dave Boyer.

A Aircraft to Reach 13,000 MPH in Test Flight. New Pentagon Technology.

Astonishing. They are testing Wednesday, so perhaps production is probable in the near future.
Hope that security is super tight.
Will the funding continue?

You can read more from the Los Angeles Times by W.J. Hennigan.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Obama to Face Primary. Democrats Are Out Looking for Challenger.

Governor Coumo of New York would be an excellent pick. Any Democrat picked is going to lose. 
Also, they have 20 senate seats up for election, Obama is not going to campaign for them with his poll numbers under 40%.  

More about the primary from The Commentary by Alana Goodman.

Obama 'Weak, Plaintive and Small' Says Krauthammer.

Dr. Kauthammer a columnist, but also a psychiatrist. His assessment of Boy Obama is accurate.  

More from The Daily Caller by Jeff Poor.

The Obama Blame Game Continues. Says He Inherited Problems.

We are getting tired of excuses.
Obama's plan to destroy us has worked.
Make him a 'lame duck' president starting now! 

Read more from Reuters by Jeff Mason.

Hawaii Judge Wants to Know Why Obama's Birth Certificate Witheld.

Keep up the good work Orly. 
The more they try to conceal, the more we want to see the real certificate.

More from Orly's website Orly Taitz.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Water Wars in California Dries Up Agriculture & Jobs. All for a 3 Inch Fish.

A shameful waste for a unjustified EPA claim.
Democrats care less about agriculture; farmers and ranchers are capitalists, the enemy and envy of Californian Communist/Democrats.
Can a initiative be passed to change this?
Then look forward to long battles with the Leftist Judges.
Pitchforks and torches appears to be the only solution.

Read an excellent editorial today in the Los Angeles Times by Victor Davis Hanson.

Muslim Brotherhood Calls for Execution of Murbarak.

The religion of peace. 
Muslim law-Sharia law, the same wretched inhuman cult which has one billion followers. Unbelievable!
Honor killings for daughters that stray.
To be born a Muslim woman, is indeed a curse.
If this is justice, how about Gadaffi and Assad? 

Read more from the Australian by Marie Colvin.

Is This A One Term President? Asks CBS' Schieffer to Axelrod.

CBS, keep asking the hard questions and watch you viewers increase.
Mr.Axelrod failed Spinning Class, it is easy to notice. Give him credit though, he had no teleprompter!  

More from Mediaite by Matt Schneider.

Everyone Knows Government Creates Jobs! Says Chris Matthews.

Chris Matthews, How is it done?
Oh, I get it, we can increase the recruitment in our military by several hundred thousand. Is this Matthews trying to be funny?
How many watch TV in that network?
What a joke he is.

More from Newsbusters by Mark Finkelstein.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Psalm

Psalm 70

Make haste, O God, to deliver me!
Make haste to help me, O Lord!

Let them be ashamed and confounded
Who seek my life;
Let them be turned back and confused
Who desire my hurt.
Let them be turned back because of their
Who say, "Aha, aha!"

Let all those who seek You
   rejoice and be glad in You;
And let those who love Your salvation say
Let God be magnified!

But I am poor and needy;
Make haste to me, O God!
You are my help and my deliverer;
O Lord, do not delay.

New King James Version

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Texas Governor Perry's Scholastic Grades Out for All to See, But Not Obama's.

Perry is a three time Governor of Texas, with D's in chemistry. Not a very good veterinarian, but what a governor!
Obama must have the same to show, but won't. Most say he is the worst president of all time. 

More from Austin-American Statesman by Chuck Lindell.

The Next to Default, US Post Office.

It is handicapped by regulations or laws. An example; rural route deliveries to farms, the delivery charge is the same as the city, 44 cents. So this does not make sense.
They deliver junk unsorted mail, costs the same to deliver, but charged less to deliver.
Pay scale is too high for this type of work. Unions ruining our nation in every government department except the military, thank God for that!
In the 1950's mail was delivered twice a day!

More from NewsYahoo- AFP Agence France-Presse.

Seattle Muslim Fired for Wearing Beard. Sues Employer.

If it is company policy, it seems , he has no case. but...
Remember, Judges rule. Common sense no longer common.

More from Seattle PI by Manuel Valdez.

Wisconsin State Fair Melees. Unprecedented. Blacks, the Major Cause.

Unions and blacks all upset by the Governor's victories.
Could it be that the unions might have inspired some of these blacks to act up?
Unprecedented; because it has never happened before.

More from JS ONLINE by Mike Johnson, Don Walker, and Breann Schossow.

U.S. Credit rating Downgraded First Time by S & P.

Obama, be proud, shout it from the roof tops.
Your media will echo this! Sarcasm is done.
Like Rush said, Obama is out to destroy our country.

More from Washington Post by Zachary A.Goldfarb.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Too Many Immigrants -Seven of Ten Britons Say.

After all these years, they realize the multipliers are here and all over Great Britain.
I hope that we in the USA observe and learn from this.

More from The Daily Mail  by Jack Doyle and Kristy Walker.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Immigration Law in Alabama Affecting Mexican Businesses.

It appears that the law is working.
California , here I come, pick strawberries or whatever. Go on welfare and put my kids in school. Send my boys and girls to community college. The state of California will pay.

More from the local news at WKRG by Lauren Styler of Mobile.

Government GM Has Sold Only 125 Chevy Volts in July Nationwide.

It appears like no one trusts the quality or value of a government product.
Electric cars, when the power grid gets overloaded with these vehicles, charging their batteries overnight,  the brownouts will begin.
Another Obama bad idea.

More to read from Townhall by Katie Pavlich.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mexican Drug Boss Captured: Said to Have Ordered 1,500 Killings.

Good news, but someone has already stepped up to take his place.

Read more from the chron by Adriana Gomez Licon, AP.

California Wind Farms Killing Eagles.

Federals are investigating.
EPA problem. Who wins, the eagles or the windmills?

More from Los Angeles Times.

Another Democrat Politician Resigns. He Sent Nude Photos of Himself to a Woman.

What's with these Democrat politicians? 
Sickos in the government.
How many more do we have in our leadership?

Read more Daily Mail.

Calling Tea Partyers 'Terrorists' Inappropriate Says White House.

Vice President said he didn't say it, but considering the source of the comment, he is always uttering some stupid comment, so I am not surprised.
The usual response, when being caught being stupid; taken out of context, misspoke, etc.

More about the comment on ABC by Jake Tapper.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tea Party Wins, Obama Loses.

The first battle won by the House Speaker, against all odds, having only his House members against the Senate, the President and always of course the media. Bravo Mr. Speaker.

I cannot wait till 2012 when the real victories will be won.

More from Independent (UK) by David Usborne.

Fullerton Police's Morale Affected by Publicity of Homeless Death by 6 Police.

Morale affected by the death. It may be that they are ashamed of the brutality.
The homeless was a white man. Nothing will come out of this.
The military in Afghanistan would be court martialed for this.
Investigation by your own officers, I am not going to accept the report.
The 6 are on paid leave- can you believe that!

Read more about it Orange County Register by Denisse Salazar.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Rich Did Not Create the Poor.

Star Parker writes today about what the blacks should be concerned about.
President Johnson can be blamed for this "Great Society'. Crime, crowded prisons, gangs, section 8 housing, Fannie Mae and out of control welfare.

More from Washinton Examiner by Star Parker.

27 Assault Rifles Stolen From California Fort Irwin.

They were stolen on July 15. Why the delay in publicizing?
Related to the ATF Scandal the Attorney General is involved in?
Something fishy here.

More from Fox News.

Norway Attack Leave Muslims In Fear.

How many Norwegians are of the same opinion as this monster Breivik?

More from Sky News by Michelle Clifford.

An Appraisal by Canada Free Press of Obama's Failing Leadership.

An excellent report tipping us off to the Marxism threat that has encroached and penetrated all of our government and education organizations.

Take time to read the report of Canada Free Press by Kelly O' Connell.