Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Chicago: The City of the Living Dead

Chicago Tribune reports that dead people riding transit. It has come to this.

First, it's dead voters, now fraud to pay for a measly transit trip.

Rangel Asking to Plead His Case Again. Crimes Should Face Jail Time. No Immunity

It has been my feeling all along that the Ethics Committee are to deal with violations or conduct unbecoming a congressman.

Civil laws have been violated here. He should have no immunity.

Senate OK's 1.15 Billion for Black Farmer's Reparations. Where Is The Money Coming From?

Found this article on Lucianne, reporting from The Hill .

I predict that there is going to be a sudden increase in black farmers.

Hope that the House makes sure that fraudulent claims have a severe penalty.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Korea: A Nation of Rising Discontent. More Are Speaking Out

The report is from The Telegraph - World by Julian Ryall in Tokyo.

Read and view live footage of signs of starvation and talking back to the police. Such footage and reports have to be smuggled out, risking sure death if caught.

Would the United States support a revolt? We did not help the revolutionaries in Iran last year when support might have turned the government out.

China is the key. It may be they do not like anybody from outside meddling in their realm. It is bad enough for them to have a strong Japan, South Korea, and where Vietnam is seeking trade relations towards the United States;and a possible reunited Korea ,this would be undesirable for the Chinese.

Mystery Worm Disabled Iran's Nuclear Project. An Astonishing Revelation.

Excellent report by Ed Barnes of  Fox News. Kind of scary, not knowing who controls the bug.

This bug can penetrate the secure Iran nuclear weapons project.

A whole new type of defense. Awesome!

Pray that the secret stays in God fearing friendly hands, such as US or Israel. 

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Psalm 120

In my distress I cried unto the Lord, and he heard me.
Deliver my soul, O Lord, from lying lips, and from a deceitful tongue.
What shall be given unto thee? Or what shall be done unto thee, thou false tongue?
Sharp arrows of the mighty, with coals of juniper.
Woe is me, that I sojourn in Me'sech, that I dwell in the tents of Kedar!
My soul hath long dwelt with him that hateth peace.
I am for peace; but when I speak, they are for war.


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Willie Nelson Arrested for Possessing Hemp. Did He Do Harm? Unlike Illegal Aliens

Reported from WFAA.COM. Let go on $2500 bail.

77 years old and it appears not going to change. Did he harm anybody? No. He gave us songs for our hearts. Bless him.

Lets concentrate on illegal aliens running loose doing harm and taking jobs from Americans.

It Appears Like Rangel and Waters Skate

Congress takes care of  it's own scoundrels. Can the IRS do something about this? I guess when you are a member of the 'club', everything is gonna be alright.

Link at Washington Examiner.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Korean War Again?

National Review Online is asking this in it's report.

We are sending our carrier USS George Washington and supporting ships to South Korea.

Won't mean a thing if we just sail by and do nothing; Bluffing is the all that is going on here. They are laughing at us.

China can keep this flare up under control.

Get China to play ball with us. How? Turn back all those freighters coming to our shores for the WallMarts,and other merchants.

That will get co-operation quickly.

Col. Allen West As Next Black President? Why A Black President? Do We Need One?

This report from telegraph.co.uk, the writer is asking of Col. Allen West, now the Congressman elect from Florida; is he the next black president? The question is presuming that we should have another try at a black president, seeing as how the first try was the wrong choice.

Do we elect because of race or gender, or can the person do the job?

Congressman elect Allen West could do the job. Is he electable? No.

Is a Lady for the next president the next priority?

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Psalm 100

Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence 
with singing.

Know ye that the Lord he is God:it is He that hath made us,
and not we ourselves; we are His people,and the sheep of His

Enter His gates with thanksgiving, and into His courts with
praise: be thankful unto Him and bless His Name.

For the Lord is good; His mercy is everlasting;and His truth 
endureth to all generations.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

California's Drug Tunnels- ICE Found Tunnel's Drop Off Storing 20K Lbs. Marijuana

Found this while roaming Lucianne, reported by FoxNews.

It seems it would be easy to find these tunnels. Tons of earth has to be hauled away without detection, even if the digging is from the Mexican side of the border. ICE could have some roving tipster/spy looking for signs of earth disposal going on.

Wait till they are finished and ready to operate, then come arrest on the USA side. Would be kinda fun,

Protection From Heat Disease and Cancer. Take Daily One 75 mg. Aspirin

From The Telegraph Health News it is reported that this inexpensive dose can be effective in a preventative for cancer and other diseases.

Here in the USA, my doctor has had me on this for 10 years. It is believed to be a stroke preventative.

Good news that this centuries old over the counter drug can be so effective in other maladies.

Such a small dose, side effects, one would believe to be minimal.

Read more from British medicine on the link

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gore Comes Out of Hiding: Declares Corn-Ethanol Was Not a Good Idea

From Reuters comes this bit of news. Subsidizing a food product for fuel was not well thought out in the beginning and now all those firms that sprouted to distill the corn are going to fold, I would presume. Growers will be O.K., we will still need to eat.

Put a stop to this subsidizing all farm products next year.
We, the common folk knew this was crazy. 

Some fuel users do complain of about the quality of the fuel.

Former Congressman Tom Delay Faces Life in Prison for Money Laundering, While Rangel and Jackson May Skate

The closing arguments presented today for Tom Delay for one charge, while Rangel has 13 charges of various crimes, and Jackson's trial, which has been delayed for a review of more evidence. Rangel and Jackson, their crimes being tried by the House Ethics Committee, they will take care of their own.

My guess is a slap on their hands, with the admonition, don't do it again , is all that is going to happen to the Democrats, Rangel and Jackson.

Some justice. Ethics Committee, what a laugh.

Monday, November 22, 2010

UAW Confident About KoreanTrade Talks. However, Detroit Cars Do Not Sell in USA

This news from The Detroit News. Everybody know the Korean cars are selling like hot cakes here and many are manufactured and assembled here in USA. The problem for UAW, is that the Korean auto plants in USA are non union.

Koreans are going to buy our no good American cars? They imported 7000 cars last year according to this report.

Here is the deal that Obama will come up with. He will export Fords and Chevies to Korea at 1/3 price , the 2/3 will be subsidized by USA taxpayers. That should fix the trade balance

Maxine Waters's Trial Put Off Indefinitely. New Evidence? Republican Chair Next Year

Information from The Hill. What to make of it? If a weak case, wouldn't they just vote to dismiss it?

She is spending a lot on lawyers. $100,000 so far, that's about 200 lawyer hours. Does not sound like a weak case, being she planned on spending $300,000. Her grandson, a lawyer, is helping out as well.

The report states that she had a fund raiser in October, raising $100,000. I am curious as to how it was raised; bake sale, raffle, etc. or some stash in a freezer somewhere.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stan "The Man" Musial IS 90 Today

 A great man not only in baseball but a great example of how we should live our lives.

Read all about him today at American Spectator. Written by Larry Thornberry.

God Bless Stan "The Man" Musial.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Electric Cars Good for the Environment? No! Recharge Everyday Means More Coal Power

More thoughts;

1) Batteries after 5 years will have to be replaced at $5000.

2) What is the cost of disposing of the toxic material? Where are you going to dispose the material?

3) Electricity, think about coal burning, and lots of it for millions of electric vehicles.

The solution, is to concentrate on gas/oil engines that burn efficiently.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Buy California Bonds to Keep California Strong, Is The Pitch. Really Means, In Debt!

The state of California borrows money to keep it strong is the bond-sellers radio advertisement.


Panetta's CIA Getting It Done. More Than 1000 Terrorists Killed or Captured. Morale High.

The CIA has been the target of the Democrats even while Mr. Panetta is minding the department for the President. He has fought back the House Speaker and Attorney General.

More about Mr. Panetta in the Washington Times.

Intelligence gathering about your enemy should have the highest priority.

Mr. Panetta cares for his men and women.

Border Posse Formed by Arizona's Tough Sheriff Joe Arpaio to Fight Illegal Immigration

Reporting from the Washington Times, Sheriff "Joe" enlisting help in defending his border state.Help coming from big names in the entertainment industry. More on this from the link http://www.washington Times.

Short handed, due to budget cuts and increased crimes created by the illegals and drug traffic, volunteer crime fighters, might be the impetus to get other Sheriff's into forming posses.  

Who knows, perhaps thousands would like to pitch in.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gitmo Terrorist Convicted -1 out of 280 Charges in Civilian Court. Are The Trials Going Back To Military?

Posted here from Hot Air. So from today's verdict is the Department of Justice now going to kill this idea of civilian courts.

Does anybody know why the DOJ thought it a better idea to try them instead of a military court?

Don't we have more important things to do (like fighting and killing terrorists) than wasting time and money on how to treat these criminals.

They are prisoners and should stay prisoners of war till the end of the war.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Ireland, Once a Strong Growth Nation, Now Struggling, Refuses Bailout. Bravo!

From Investor's Business Daily an editorial from IBD titled "Baptism of Eire".

This editorial praises the Irish spirit and their proud history.

As the editorial points out; the Irish independence and pluck , will set an example for the rest of Europe and even the United States. We can only hope and pray.

Hannity's Show Reveals Obama Is Losing It. Are We Surprised?

Reporting from Daily Mail- don Surber there is an audio from Sean Hannity where Sean is speaking from reliable Democrat sources.

When will we see Obama running out of the White House screaming some unintelligible Muslim sounding oaths?

Stephanopoulos Asks Michele Bachman the Stupid Question,"Why OK to Extend Tax Cuts?"

Stephanopoulos also asking why the wealthy get tax cuts and no extension of unemployment benefits?

The people earning over $250,000 are not wealthy,some might have employees and paying them out of the $250,000.

Those on unemployment are not employing anybody, they are out looking for a job.

This exchange is reported on Newsbusters . A excerpt of the interview follows:

STEPHANOPOULOS: But, why is it okay for the wealthiest Americans, earning over $250,000 a year?

BACHMANN: Well, remember again what this is. It's a massive tax increase. And it's on the people who are the job creators. And people want to think these are millionaires, sitting in leather chairs, lighting their cigars with $100 bills. That's not what we're talking about. These are people who are carpet layers that maybe employ two or three other guys. Or a plumber, maybe himself and his brother. And it's $250,000 in gross sales for their business. They're the ones that are looking at mass tax increases. So, for instance, in Minnesota, in my district, it would mean 2,000 jobs lost, if we don't extend the current tax policy. That's going to hurt more people than anything, if we can't have job creation. And this is a job-killer, if we raise taxes on the job creators.
STEPHANOPOULOS: Okay. Representative Bachmann, thanks very much for your time. 

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

California Supreme Court Unanimously Agreed In-State Tuition Policy for Illegals Stands

Meanwhile, rates are going up for legal students. This is crazy.

Was going to say this is unbelievable, but in view of present California leadership, and voters, I'll take that back.

Near bankrupt, now this.

This report from Los Angeles Times

Monday, November 15, 2010

U.S. Congressman Rangel Uses Campaign Fund for His Legal Defense. Is This Legal?

Not legal, but ethical?

Rangel's ethics trial will be starting before the new Republican chair takes over ethics panel.

I am betting that the present panel will find all his unethical doings unsavory, but, admonish with a don't do it again.

More on the link NewYorkPost.

Other things that might trouble the congressman, is that he is being accused of not reporting income from his properties. Shouldn't the IRS be looking into this? 

California's Gov. Brown's Decision; When to Raise Taxes, but Where?

Governor Brown did not campaign specifically how he is going rescue this once great state.

Overtures will be heard that , alas, we cannot cut anymore, we have to tax. Look for the repeal of Prop. 13. Governor Brown did not like it when it was passed.

There is no other solution than to declare bankruptcy.  A review of fat pensions, would be a start.

Read more about what others have to sound off on. Find it all on this link MercuryNews

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Coptic Priest Zakaria Botros, Islam's Most Hated Man

There is a $60 million bounty on him.Click on this site Youtube to hear and see this brave man today.

Source is OrthrodoxyToday.org

Saturday, November 13, 2010

King George III Surpased by Obama in Wielding Power Over His Subjects

The main glaring issue is the command to his subjects is to force us to buy his health insurance.

Remember the Stamp Act, among other complaints, which precipitated the Declaration of Independence.

More on this from CNS News.

Friday, November 12, 2010

California State Attorney General Race- Still Counting After 7 Days.Why So Long?

Ventura County Star reporting a close race. These are not write in votes, so it is hard for me to imagine why the counting can drag on that long.

BP Drilling Ban: Politics Above Science, Gulf Lawmakers Incensed. 12K Jobs Lost

Rep.Bill Cassidy, Republican called for investigation of the moratorium of drilling by the Interior Dept. More scandal and possible crime here in this report from the Washinton Times.

The excuse is that rushed editing of documents; anyway it  caused thousands to lose their jobs. Whomever signed on to this altering of reports should be charged with a felony.

There is a lot to read, hopefully next year investigations will have a serious move to indict and imprison the guilty.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterans: Thanks and God Bless

The New Chair Seeker of the House Energy Committee, A Climate Change Denier.

Will this put an end to all this climate change , global warming and other disasters that the Democrats have been spawning over the years, wasting our time and tax dollars? Might happen- we hope and pray. Rep. Shimkus is the one who is after the position.

Posted by Adam Werbach in the Atlantic. Here is an excerpt from the article where his position appears to be amenable for the common sense group of us citizens who never believed in this climate crap

Representative John Shimkus of Illinois is vying to chair the House Energy Committee as the Republicans organize their caucus. Shimkus would have jurisdiction over any global warming legislation to come through the House of Representatives in the coming session if appointed. .
No more funding for this foolishness. Here is more from the report.

Shimkus sees climate change in a biblical context. In March 2009, speaking to the House Subcommittee on Energy and the Environment, Shimkus quoted Chapter 8, Verse 22 of Genesis to explain his belief that the earth will not be destroyed by climate change.
Will quoting from the Bible put a kibosh on his appointment?

South Texas Freshman Rep. Elect Canseco, a Breath of Fresh Air

Winning election in his district 23, the largest in the nation, speaks on video to Bryan Preston of Pajamas Media makes one feel good that we have a man going to congress to work for us. His most important statement that I heard from Rep. elect Canseco, is that he is our servant. Go to the link to see and hear Rep. Canseco, you will be feel a sense of real hope for our nation.

Bravo, and vaya con Dios amigo!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Alaska Write In Ballots Must Be Written Exactly, No Descretion Should Be the Policy

The Anchorage Daily News reports that the Republican candidate, Joe Miller has sued to ask that counting the write in will be for the name as shown, no exceptions. That's the way it should be.

When you write in , you should know without any coaching, that it must be exactly as shown on the ballot. Remember the Florida ballot count regarding the dispute that the ballots holes were not punched completely.

Hope Murkowsky loses. The voters did not pick her in the primaries.

GOP Investigators to Call for Hearings, Subpoenas Regarding HealthCare. Hamper Enactment Seriously

Article found in Yahoo News. GOP has all kinds of ways to put this bill dead in it's tracks. Here is an excerpt from the report describing some of the actions to be taken:

Oversight will play a crucial role in Republican efforts," Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said. "We may not be able to bring about straight repeal in the next two years ... but we can compel administration officials to attempt to defend this indefensible health spending bill."
The President can veto any move to repeal the bill, but the lower chamber, House of Representatives can withhold funding. There will be many ways to cripple this monster.

California Gov. Schwarzenegger Has No Problem If You Smoke Marijuana. A Great Message to Our Youth

California, having been famous as the land of 'Fruits and Nuts', having Governor 'Moonbeam' back again; and now the land where can smoke pot legally. Perhaps the law is to promote tourism, enticing more potheads here from all the world; kudos Governor Schwarzenegger.

This is what will happen;
1) Control smoking pot while driving; police with smoke sensors mounted on their vehicles?
2) This goofy government with concerns about health, such as sugar, fats,salt, caffeine,tobacco and so on.            
Pot is a medical and mental concern more than any of the aforementioned above.  
This report found onYahoo News link.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

UK Lives Were Saved Using 'Waterboarding' Even Though UK Was Opposed . Bush's Memoirs

The mission of the terrorists is to murder us all. Bush had no qualms about whether to use the technique. For further reading check in at BBC.

To save innocent lives and our troops, all methods of torture should be employed. Remember that these terrorists are not uniformed military, but a threat to us in a covert manner acting in the manner of a spy. Rights of the Geneva Convention are voided.

President Bush,  miss you.

California Has to Borrow $40 Million Daily for Unemployment. Washington Going to Print More?

Over 2 million unemployed not counting part- time workers and those who cannot collect any more checks, some say 1 out of 5 out of a job.

Situation is serious, and with a Democrat Governor Brown, (will be his 3rd term), he will have his say about legislation due to a Democrat majority and the 2/3 vote no long required to hold down spending bills. The states cannot print money, so more taxes is the Democrat solution, because to borrow from the Feds might not be forthcoming with Republicans controlling  the printing press.

Bankruptcy is the only solution.

Don't blame the Republicans, they have had no say about the governance of California for many years.

This report is linked to Fox News.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Rangel in a Big Rush for Trial Before it Runs into January to Face Tough Republicans

This report from New York Post .

Rangel with 13 count ethics trial stewing for 2 years, now he wants to get it over with before  facing Republican controlled house.

Rangel no doubt fears that if his 13-count ethics trial isn’t over by year’s end, the whole process can be restarted — with Republicans running the show come January. Read more from the link.
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel
U.S. Rep. Charles Rangel
Yes, the ethics committee is always equally divided — but the fact that a Republican will be chairman means that the going could get, uh, a bit tougher for good-time Charlie.
So, this time, Dems are expected to meet the scheduled trial date, set for Nov. 15 — and never mind all those complications from Rangel’s split last month with his longtime team of lawyers.
He may get by with no severe punishment. There will be a few more not so lucky waiting to be called come 2011.

Democrat Strategist, Mark Penn Calls for Mass Murder to Help Obama

He remarked that Obama needs an incident like Oklahoma City that supposedly helped Clinton during his term.
You can find more on .mediaite where the writer is Tommy Christopher.

Christopher Mathews says nothing, Does that mean he is all for the idea as well?

Wishing for something to help Obama, but a tragedy, despicable.

Leftism, it is proven again to be a mental disorder.

But then, consider the source of the remark, a spokesperson of the high level planners for Obama. God help us!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Be With Our Lord Today

Yes,be with God today. Here is a site I visit often. Join J.C. Schaap's Calvin in Siouxland. Check in his site for the Professor's comments about many thoughtful subjects.Siouxlander.blogspot.com. Stuff in the basement.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey, Here Is Another Bag of Votes We Need to Count! The Old Democrat" Vote Bag Trick"

Way back when Mayor Daley, found enough votes to get JFK in; the recurring vote bags/boxes keeps getting more frequent, and from what I can find so far, is that all the "Vote Bag Tricks" happen to put their guy, a democrat over to win.

It always seems that if the candidate's numbers are short, the next day, the bag of votes turns up.

We really need to get a better handle on this voting. Defrauding the electorate is a felony.

Senator Al Franken a case in point; he won by this "vote bag trick". Nothing could be done about it, he was sworn in before the crime was detected. Something is amiss in our judicial system, if you can impeach a president for crimes, why can't you impeach a senator?

Limbaugh, the Prime Mover for Conservative Victories

American Thinker posting with this well deserved credit. Posted from the American Spectator. There are others of course, such as Hannity, Beck, Palin, DeMint and hundreds more radio talkers and blogger throughout our great U.S. of A.

Let's hope that compromise is not for those who won. No crossing the aisles, committee chairs and assistant chairs go to the winners. 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Irish Republic Cutting Budgets Drastically, and Raising Taxes to Reduce Deficit.

This report from BBC NEWS Ireland.

It seems if you want investors to build and create factories to hire workers, you have to encourage them by not taxing them. Who will be the ones taxed?

Link BBC

California's Only Option, Bankruptcy: Michigan Voted Smart People In for Recovery

Refer to Investors Business Daily a great editorial on the woes of this once great state. Here is a portion of the editorial:

Some 2.3 million Californians are without jobs, for a 12.4% unemployment rate — one of the highest in the country.
• From 2001 to 2010, factory jobs plummeted from 1.87 million to 1.23 million — a loss of 34% of the state's industrial base. Ask any company, and it'll tell you the same thing: It's now almost impossible to build a big factory in California.
I blame the unions for a major loss of jobs. Most government jobs are union; this was implemented during Governor Brown's earlier terms in office.

Illegal immigrants the next big problem, crime out of control, and costing Californians $1,500 year to pay for all of what they can collect from welfare and free health care.

Finally the government unions have a pension that is not comparable to those of non union workers.
If their retirement fund loses money, we have to pay to make it right.

Now read how Michigan is going to survive. Read here in The Eastern Echo what the turnout was. What a contrast to California. A major shift to anti incumbents.

Overall, Michigan’s power shift included the governor, attorney general, secretary of state, three fourths of the senate and half the house are non-incumbants, the biggest shift of the Michigan political scene in nearly 20 years.
Is California going to finally wise up? Bankruptcy is their only choice. No more handouts from Washington, especially with the new congress coming in to run things right.

When California goes bankrupt, they will pick leaders, not career politicians.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Now Obama Calls His Public,The Americans,His "Enemies"

What's the excuse this time? The time worn "taken out of context", that surly will not work this time. His enemies should be the terrorists, I would think.

We have a serious problem with this Obama.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama,You May Be Born in Hawaii, But You Are Not One of Us

You called us enemies. You do not honor our Judeo/Christian values. You honor Muslim leaders who honor the Koran, which calls to murder infidels. We don't know you. We do not trust you.

You Thought Acorn Was Out of Action? Not So.

From Daily Caller Acorn is working hard to get Sestak to be a winner in the Pennsylvania race. Much by "hook or crook".

Details of their shady dealing covered in this link written by Mathew Vadium; from cemeteries to made up names for voters.

After Nov. 2 my hope is a congressional investigation of our justice system will be put on the table.

In Virginia, a Video Depicting Black Democrat Going Berserk

This display from a black Democrat should embarrass his race and party. We will wait and see if this show is the true representation of American politics. The video speaks for itself. View report on the Washington Examiner.

Again, Media Shows Bias in Alaska. News Writers Cooking Up Negative Stores.

Voice mail accident reveals journalists discussing ways they plan to create vile phony reports about Senatorial Candidate Joe Miller of Alaska.

As has been mentioned in previous news, it's that being a Leftist/Democrat, is some kind of a disease.

Refer to linkAmerican Thinker written by Selwyn Duke for his take on this media.

Who and what are we going to believe these days? Will eventually all mainstream media outlets news be ignored?

Christine O'Donnell's TV Ad Missing or Forgotten?

Christine O'Donnell's TV program promised to her listeners it would air, but did not happen.

Read the article and determine for yourself what happened.

My feeling is purposeful "foot dragging" plus poor planning by O'Donnell's staff.

Article can be read on Mediaite  It was written by Jon Bershad.

Monday, November 1, 2010

California Municipal Corruption;First the City Bell, Now Huntington Park. More Forthcoming?

There are some more cities that might fall into the category and the make up of the cities of Bell and Huntington Park. There is also, Bell Gardens, Maywood, South Gate, Montebello and more in this typical make up of legal and illegal immigrants. In fact , Maywood is a city famous for harboring illegals.

More to read on this linkWashington Times.

Terrorist's Package Bombs on the Way to USA? Who Really Knows for Sure?

All these bomb packages seem to be emanating from Yemen, seems that small country bordering Saudi could be covered with ease. Of course we will never know, and as the article reveals, is that releasing all the learned intelligence to the press would not aid anyone except the terrorists. Pray that our intelligence people know what they are doing. Battles and wars are won by knowing what cards your enemy holds. This report from the Washington Times. There is more from the link Washington Times.