Sunday, October 31, 2010

Reformation Sunday

I have linked this Reformation Sunday Service/Mass from the THE VOICE. Here is the Service:

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Black Panther Party Being Investigated By U.S.Civil Rights Commision;Democratic Member Walks Out

A news item that's important for civil rights of all citizens, it appears that some revelations will come out that will show that our rights enforcement of Obama's Attorney General should not go forward. This news is reported USATODAY. Efforts to quell efforts to prosecute is as in this excerpt.

The report on the Obama Justice Department's actions criticizes the administration for refusing to cooperate with the commission review and for instructing some of its employees not to provide information to commission officials.
After November 2 , hope that we can get to the bottom and prosecute for obstruction of justice or dereliction of duty the office holders are sworn to uphold.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Obama On Comedy Central. Trying to Be a Joker? A Joker Before That.

Washington Post Dana Milbank writing and saying " that the joke was on President Obama Wednesday Night."

There is a video on this link, but I could not bear to watch my President make a fool of himself and my nation's presidential office.

Truly pathetic, never thought I would see the day. How much more of this are we going to put up with?

Saudi Prince Says Move Mosque Site Away From Ground Zero

From the New York Post a AP news report from Dubai.  Some one in the Muslim world can see that this building a mosque in a sensitive site has no purpose.

How much influence this Prince has, appears to be strong. He is a businessman, knows that bad publicity for no purpose is destructive.

Liberalism Is an Ilness. Harvard and UC San Diego Scientists Announce Breakthrough

This news found while roaming Lucianne and posted on American Thinker.

Not sure if this is a spoof or not, but anyway, I have always thought that if good common sense argument is always laughed at and you are the crazy one all the time and coming from the same liberal source, makes one always wonder if it is a disorder.

Read more on link for comments. What a find if this is true!

League of Woman's Voters Says No Again on Pledge. What's Their Problem?

BIGGOVERNMENT  Article by Jeff Dunetz.  Video and more comments on link Big Government.

It's a standard procedure at public meetings, such as PTA, Kiwanis, VFW,Legion etc. Who and what are these moderators, from another country?

By the way, where did this policy(moderating) come from, that the League has the special talent for moderating debates? Fair and balanced? I say no! They are not!

Now the League is going to have a meeting to determine if it will be their policy.

Who are these creatures who loath our country and don't want to pledge allegiance to a nation that has no equal in governance and generosity?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Giuliani: Still in the Run for President.

Maggie Haberman on NY in Politico. Rudy is quoted here as saying "The door's not closed."

I like the way he cleaned up New York. I would not say no to him, and I am seeking a tough "taking no prisoners" attack on all this corruption that pervades our government; I would rather have him as the Attorney General.

Mexico: More Unending Drug Gang Carnage. 15 Murdered in Tepic

When will this out of control murdering stop? Reported by BBC NEWS Latin America.

28 thousand murdered in violence involving drugs, this is going back to year 2006. So far this year 7000 have been murdered.

The solution is to stop the trade to United States, the largest consumer of drugs. More border protection for United States, that is, to continue with the fence and a severe punishment for the dealers here in United States.

Obama, Being Like Regular Folks, Walking the Dog

Had to leave a fundraiser in Rhode Island to rush home and take care of family chores, like walk the dog and tuck in the daughters. He even knows how to take care of doggie poop. All reported in Chicago Sun Times.

Busy President Obama, no one at home to take care of these chores. Everybody knows that this feed of crap is for us out here away from the hoi poloi, that he is a regular dude after all.

Can This Be True That Nevada Voting Machines Automatically Checking Reid's Name?

This news from American Thinker the writer of the report is Rick Moran and it is true that the electronic machines are checking Senator Reid's name. Reports from Clark Country where SEIU unions are strong in the hotels and casinos.

Remember the ACORN members involved in voter fraud, so they may be at it again.

Our Department of Justice silent on this, like the ACORN caper in Pennsylvania.

Tampering with voting is a felony.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

U.S.A. Have Border Problems, But Migrants From Turkey Via Greece, 34,000 This Year

This report from the Sidney Morning Herald writers are Ian Traynor, Brussels and Helna Smith, Samos.

It is like USA's illegal immigration, USA has had barriers and guards for years and has not stemmed the tide of the influx of illegals. This is a new development for Greece due to the fact the route has been closed off in Africa.

Problems solved, Greece is getting help from EU. Armed guards are on their way to turn the immigrants away.  

Looking at the map of the report, it appears there is a large segment of Bulgaria that could be traversed to get into Europe. Perhaps the frontier is not as easily accessed as Greece.

Europe is presently turning away and deporting many immigrants in such countries as France and Germany and has a severe unemployment problem of their own. It seems Turkey should turn to their wealthy Muslims in Saudi for help.

Federal Spending Up 21.4% in The Last Two Years.

Chuck Norris, writes this column in Townhall where he lists one expenditure of many in this column that Capital Hill had paid  $200,000 on bottled water in the last quarter for the House. I drink tap water most of the time, but I believe you can buy a bottle for 40 cents, so that pencils out to about 500,000 bottles.

Are there still drinking fountains in the hallways? I suppose not. Watching them working for us, always having a bottle in front of them, I guess nothing but the best for our congress critters. Used to be , there would be a pitcher of water and paper cups in front of our congress people.

There are many questionable expense increases that our congress has initiated, not that we out here away from DC don't care, we do, but we never know what you critters are doing or why.

This should shock you:
Here is another example; Capital Hill Police General Expenses, 63 million, up 860%!
Capital Hill Police Salaries up 237%!

More shockers from a long list of Chuck Norris' column from Townhall.

We are sorely in need of changes, Nov. 2 can't come too soon.

Proof of Citizenship to Vote Not Required. 9th Circuit Court Decision

In my roaming today I found this report from theArizona Star which I found at first quite astonishing (anybody from the whole wide world now can vote, is the way I read this decision). Later reading that this come from the 9th, I was less surprised.

The article is very short, but gives the Jurist's remarks. I presume an appeal is forthcoming.

I am thinking that this court must hold some kind of record of decisions overturned. wh

Just In: Senator Boxer Subject to Ethics Foundation Call for Investigation

Found this while roaming PajamasMedia written by Roger L. Simon; what a find! If this has been brewing, wonder why just breaking out now? It may be perfect timing, being she is supposedly in a close race this time here in California.

Senator Boxer being the chair of ethics in the senate and of course she would not be a part of any wrong doing ever, my sarcasm got out for a moment. Read more about this ethical Senator or "Mam" on PajamasMedia.

Hope this is not another , swept under the rug again.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Super Base on US Pacific Island of Guam

A news article from U.K. Telegraph describing a huge construction plan to keep United States in charge of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

The island is to service the fleets carriers, and aircraft landing, house marines and more. The link also has more on the reception that the islanders have for this program. Some not so favorable.

I wonder how some in the Philippine Government who had our bases removed from their island a few years back; could use some huge employment and a boost to their lagging economy? However, just a thought.

After California's City of Bell Scandel, You Can Now Access The Cities Payroll

This report from Los Angeles Times. A big step forward in bringing salaries down to the level of non government workers. Won't happen overnight, but eventually it will. Seeing as how we are at 15% unemployed in our state and there might be more unemployed considering those that gave up, and that 99 weeks has run out and also not counting part time workers. Could it be worse than the Great Depression? 15% might be much higher.

Most cites are reporting. The city not reporting, Vernon, having a city population of 90. This will be interesting.

I was thinking also that if the reports will reveal benefits, such as retirement pay the same as the last year employed, some cities do have that benefit.

We do not know about state employees. We should get that information as well.

Brownsville,Texas, A Rally With Clinton Draws Only 300

A report from the The Brownsville Herald  written by Laura B. Martinez in this south Texas region previously visited by Clinton in the past is presumably a strong Democrat area. With only 300 showing to hear and see Clinton, it sure does not look encouraging for the Democrats.

This article further states that Democrat candidate Ortiz might be in a fight here.

Read further into this report about the House of Representatives Committee investigating Rep. Ortiz about his travel expenses.

Michigan Changing It's Colors From Blue to Red. A Post Election Change

A post from BigGovernment written by Kyle Olson.  Governor Granholm, twice elected governor and had a landslide in her last election. A rising star for the democrats.

All this is going to change. Below are selected paragraphs from BigGovernment's link which highlight the coming change to RED after November 2.

In a state that Republicans pulled the plug on in 2008, Republican gubernatorial candidate Rick Snyder has consistently held a twenty point lead over his fire-breathing opponent Virg Bernero, also known as “America’s Angriest Mayor.”
At the state Senate level, Democrats have been slow to defend seats currently held by their party.  In one western Michigan district that is traditionally a 50/50 split, the Republican candidate holds a double digit lead in the polls.
And in the state House, sources say Republicans stand to do very well in nearly 80 districts.  There are 110 seats in the Democratically-controlled House.
What a change coming, this time a change for a sane group of trustworthy Republicans to take charge.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Crystal Cathedral Files Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Garden Grove, California, site of the famous Crystal Cathedral has this report. Report from Orange County Register where the Reverand Schuller is asking for help. Go to the link for the video and his plea for more help.

Heart breaking to see this man go through this. He has trusted and left the management get out of hand.

Bankruptcy means you do not pay your bills.  They are planning to pay back all of it with a plan.

A great church, pray for them.

Anti-Muslim English Defence League (EDL) Spreading Rapidly in Europe

This news item from a German source Deutsche Well where already there is anti-Muslim feeling.

EDL being accused of being racist and Neo Nazi, is denied in this news article. Refer to excerpt following:

We're not going anywhere. We're growing in strength. We're growing in number. We will be here next year; we will be here for the next 10 years," said EDL spokesman Tommy Robinson into the microphone at an illegally held demonstration in the English city of Leicester earlier this month.
"The police weigh up the situation, and rather than deal with Islamic militant Muslim gangs, peddling heroin, taking liberties in our towns and cities, taking liberties with our youth, taking liberties with non-Muslim youths, non-Muslim girls - raping, pimping, beating, abusing our whole system," he said to cheers and applause.
 What do you expect from people, when all they hear is the the Muslims are out to kill everybody who are not with them. Their arrogance and treatment of their own women and family members who violate Koran is inhumane.

The article has more information about other groups forming. An Anti fascists group, read more at the close of this article. 

Wind Farms Found By Environmental Activist to Be Impractical

This news from Buffalo News, where near the Great Lakes, proposals for wind farms have been making the rounds and getting some approvals and negatives as well. Negatives from sport fishing and concerns, and whether the lake front views will be ruined.

Spokesman for wildlife and sport fishing , Tom Marks invited John Droz Jr., an expert and was a supporter of wind farms at one time until he checked it out more thoroughly as described in this news report.

More specific information can be read  in this news report, where Mr. Droz details his findings and comments.

This is not good news for wind mill manufacturers.

RNC Gets a $20 Million Loan For the Kill in November

Rick Moran writes in American Thinker how the RNC is going to spend millions more in TV adds across the nation.

I have been sending my support directly to my district, where republican challenger, Larry Andre is working hard to defeat Linda Sanchez. The district, the 39th of California consists largely Mexican and black voters.

Hope and pray that the the challenger, Larry Andre can take her down.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Moon Has Water, Also Has Gases and Minerals

Found this article in Wall Street Journal while roaming the web on Lucciane. It has always been known that there was water present.

It is not very encouraging if Obama is not interested. Other countries such as China, Japan and India plan a visit  around the years 2020-2025.

The report is very interesting to me in the finding of minerals and gases. The article mentions locating the presence of hydrogen, ammonia, methane, mercury, sodium and silver.

Methane is derived from the decomposition of plant and animal matter, which indicates to this novice that there was a presence of living matter.

You have silver, might be some gold in "them thar whatevers". Just joshing a bit here, but think of it, if there were verified veins and veins of gold underneath that soil. Gold futures drop to ... 

NPR Fires Juan Williams For Voicing His Feeling. First Amendment Controlled By Political Correctness?

A debate exchange resulting in the firing of Juan Williams is shown here on Mediate and it gets hot. Megyn Kelly trying to establish if CAIR director was pleased with the firing. He did not answer that question and dodged other questions by talking over Megyn. See the video for yourself on the link.

I am with Juan Williams; if I see a Muslim and especially several all in their garments, getting on board my flight,  I am going to get very nervous, I may have to have them leave or I leave, I will make a real fuss.

It seems our trying to be so perfect in our relations with those that want to kill us, is more important that making sure we are safe. Even though they may be safe for flight and all that, it does not make any sense for anybody to flaunt or stir up mistrust by wearing their traditional  garb. Do they enjoy causing this fuss? No real reason to be contrary when you are living here in the US of A, you should dress and honor our customs. Your customs you can leave at the border.

France to Go Another Two Days of Destructive Protest

BBC News Europe reporting continued destruction and trash clean up delayed one week. Pestilence and sanitary requirements dangerously ignored.

Workers do not want to work till they are 62 or 67.

We in the USA been doing it for years. What is so special about french workers?

It appears that President Nicolas Sarkozy is not backing down.

If disease and deaths from power outages and other necessary needs to function humanly are crippled, can the union leaders be held culpable?

Buy Hyundai, More American Made Than Detroit

From CNN Money we get a report that by next year about 80% of Hyundai sales will be made here, according to CEO of Hyundai for U.S. Sales.

If the next year forecast is met, Hyundai will have established a position at the top of USA made autos, topping Ford, Chrysler  and GM.

Hyundai has been tops in sales in this period of low auto sales.

Take note also, that the plants are not located in union dominated Detroit.

More from the news report shown below reflecting Ford's USA made record.

Ford Motor Co. builds the Fusion mid-sized sedan in Mexico. Ford was not able to say what percentage of the cars it sells in the U.S. are built here.
Popular Ford models, such as the Edge SUV and the Fiesta sub-compact, are built in Mexico and Canada. Even though the top sellers are built elsewhere, the bulk of Ford cars sold in the U.S. are built here. Still, they tally up to less than 80%.
One can assume that Detroit union manufactured and assembled autos are more expensive due to union's demand for high pay scale for unskilled assembly labor. Some estimates are at $40 and hour, which includes benefits. 

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Great Britain Cutting 500,000 Government Jobs By 2015. A Model For USA?

From Investor's Business Daily we have news that the Prime Minister, David Cameron is taking a big slice out of the budget. The cut will be in public housing, welfare and all the other government programs where the labor government in the past has sown it's seeds of waste, will now reap a harvest of gloomy belt tightening.

The editorial asks, why not in USA?

Fixing our problem according to this editorial would not have to be so severe.

Read a portion of the editorial here that gives a summary of the action that could be taken.

Over the next decade or so, based on Congressional Budget Office projections, federal spending will increase 5.8% a year on average, from $3.49 trillion in 2010 to $5.86 trillion by 2021 (see chart). Revenues are expected to rise by 12.7% a year, from a depressed $2.14 trillion this year to $ 5.1 trillion in 2021.
What if, instead of nearly 5.8% a year in spending growth, we let spending grow at half that rate — 2.9% a year?
Hoping that our new congress can see the light.

Great Britain and Europe, the model for the Obama socialist way. The new congress(taking a lesson from our socialist's failure) hopefully congress will put on the brakes pronto!

Astonishing but True, Obama and Mexico's President Calderon Encourage Illegal Immigration

An interview with Arizona's Governor Jan Brewer has told CNSNEWS that Obama and Calderon do not want to secure our border with Mexico.

The reasons given by the Governor are that the new citizens will eventually vote for the Democrats and that President Calderon's nation will continue to receive payments to their families living the poverty stricken Mexico.

This revelation has been going around the United States for a long time. Now a governor who has felt the hard truth of it all, gives us her opinion in this report. It is here with video and transcript. A good informative read, especially for those who are not residing near the border.

The border problems appears to be not the first item on the agenda, when the new congress convenes in January.

We have lived with it this many years, but it has become a national emergency with the influx of crime and terrorists.   

Repeal and Replace, Pray That It Will Happen

James C. Capretta writes a very encouraging report for us in the National Review . New members in the House and the Senate have their instructions from the voters who installed them; cut spending, bring taxes under control and change the way to do business in Washington. Eliminate departments, such as education and agriculture for starters.

The most important task before them when they get started is to repeal and replace Obamacare.

There will be many other programs that will have to be reworked or replaced. This article has a straight forward approach to getting started and staying on target. Read the rest of Mr. Capretta's report on this link.

There will be many battles, but the main enemy, will still be the mainstream media.

Health Care to Rise 14%. Obama Care Kicking In Already?

A CNN  news report cites rise in care, even when the Obama care plan has been passed.

The report gives a lot of information on how to manage the increase.

It does state that the employers are increasing the cost and cutting back.  Just like the predictions were during the debate against this bill.

It does seem that when a major life affecting legislation gets passed by one vote, and not read by most of the legislatures , show a complete lack of thoughtful consideration.

This report has not gone into the real reason for this increase. The real reason, is the Obama care, which nobody wanted in the first place.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Post Election Secret Meeting of Republican Donors. Agenda: Foster Free Interprise

From the New York Times a news report of a a gathering of wealthy Americans to restore our country to a place for industry, merchants and business to thrive.  Invited to this Palm Springs by Koch Industries President, Charles Koch, who has been active in the libertarian Cato Institute.

Seems similar to the Committees of Correspondence in the colonies. It was a group of colonial elites who shared ideas about resisting King George III's Stamp Act, and various taxes. They had wrote to the King listing these grievances

God help them in this meeting.

We can trust that with the support that the Tea Party has been getting and so many Americans upset to the boiling point, we will begin to feel an exhilarating sense of relief.

Read more in this excellent report from the New York Times, you will be pleased.

Illegal Immigrants Are "New Americans" Per Maryland's Democrat Gov O'Malley

As reported in CNS NEWS covering the first debate, challenger Republican Ehrlich, former governor, is stating that laws count; and then we have a immigration advocacy group using state monies to print instructions on how to circumvent the laws. Unlawful use of funds to show illegals how to break the law!

O'Malley with his pitch to illegals; how many, may I ask are voting? And are they legal voters?

More on this if you would like to read more, go to the link.

Do You Miss President Bush? A Real Commander in Chief

From The American Thinker President Bush, best remembered for his devotion to his men and women who kept up safe for the 8 years as their commander.

Visiting hospitals unannounced with Mrs. Bush showing real devotion and love for our beloved military.

More thoughtful entries follow about his unheralded events in his job as commander. A retired Army Colonel writes this article reflecting his true devotion and respect for President Bush.

Most Americans took little notice of the President's morning jogs with wounded warriors. These were in fulfillment of promises he had made to them in rehab centers across the land. Get back on your feet, get better, and come run with me. Inspiring? They took heart and we took notice.

While the current C 'n C seems to be addicted to endless rounds of golf, GWB gave up golf for the duration. "It just didn't seem to be right; that some mother who had lost a son to turn the TV on and see me on the links." We understood. We approved. We noticed.

But, it has been Bush's actions AFTER he has left office that continue to endear him to our Service men and women in uniform.

He was the First on the scene of the Fort Hood Massacre when Major Hassan went on his murderous rampage. Again, unanounced and unescorted, save for Mrs. Bush. They comforted the survivors and commiserated with the wounded and their families. And we were comforted. We noticed.

Recently, at Dallas-Fort Worth Airport, he was there to greet returning members of the Texas National Guard from overseas duty. The look on their faces as each had his/her picture taken with the former Commander in Chief, was heartwarming, even precious.

For what gain? None that me or my peers can see. Just love for his former subordinates. Yes. We have noticed and continue to notice.
Yes, we miss the Commander in Chief and his wife. It seems Obama show a disdain or I can't be bothered taking care of our America. I am sick of this attitude.

Palin's Critics Need American History Lesson, Lambast Her For 1773 Tea Party

From the Washington Examiner a report that all her critics jumped at a supposed error, year 1773, when she was right and displaying need for an American history lesson. More from the article shown below.

Immediately, Palin’s critics leapt into action. Here’s The Daily Kos himself on Twitter:
Sarah Palin to supporters: “Don’t party like it’s 1773 yet”. She’s so smart.
And here’s PBS’s Gwen Ifill, moderator of presidential debates, also on Twitter:
Sarah Palin: party like its 1773!  ummm,
Blogger Cuffy Meigs rounds up all kinds of similar “HAHAHAHAHA! She’s so stupid!” reactions to Palin’s reference to 1773. So what did happen in 1773? Oh, right.

Read more at the Washington Examiner:
 All these critics making a fool of themselves in their lack of political history, but also, a almost childish lurking, hoping that the had a "gotcha moment" on Palin.

Gwen Ifill, moderator of debates and affirmative action choice, should know better.

Seems like it could be that Sarah Palin set a trap and they went for the bait.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christopher Hitchins: Does He Rate All This Fuss?

Reading about this writer, who is suffering from cancer who is an atheist. Who has spoken with hate of Christianity in his publications. What has he contributed to our society? O.K. some well researched columns and essays. Has he given comfort, healing, made some other person get through the suffering of hunger, homelessness, rejections?

We have an article written in the blog American Thinker which covers the stricken writer completely, but I have my mind made up before in my feeling about Mr. Hitchins, who perhaps has great knowledge, can write columns with skill, but rejects Christianity. He is clever enough to make his own choices. So be it, lets move on.

15 minutes of fame or whatever this poor man craves, let him be. Christ will deal with those who knowingly reject his grace. 

German Chancellor Merkel States that Trying to Form Multi Cultural Nations Has Failed

This AP news report via Breitbart is strong in its reflection of a conservative German fearing the onslaught of the Muslims throughout Europe, especially France, where today, anarchy seems to be the next and final step backwards to a strong Emperor, just a thought.

Put yourself in the German household, where perhaps the 60 year old has some pension, and now has children, who are out of work, won't do the menial tasks that the Muslim from Turkey will do.

If there were no unemployment problems, these culture issues would not be an issue.

Following is more from the report:

Germany and other European countries have grappled with the idea of themselves as immigration nations and Merkel has long been skeptical of the country's attempts to build a multicultural society that includes its estimated 5 million Muslims.
Many immigrants speak little or no German, work in low paying jobs or live off of government handouts at the same time the country faces an aging population and a shortage of highly skilled workers.
"Germany needs more qualified immigration to maintain its economic advantage and deal with the demographic developments," Volker Beck, a lawmaker with the opposition Greens party said Sunday.
Merkel acknowledged in her Saturday comments that then-West Germany in the 1960s opened its doors to Turkish laborers who helped the nation rebuild from the ruins of World War II. Yet German politicians believed those laborers would eventually return home. Instead, many have stayed and their children's children are now starting families here

My previous post from Der Speigel Online shows a contrast in opinions regarding what Germany is like today.

My opinion is on this is that the Turkish Muslims are not the extreme orthodox Muslims for example , immigrates from Algeria , who have not the occidental background that the Turkish nation has had. 

Germany: Intergration With Muslims, Not a Problem

Der Spiegel Online International news report down playing the stories of a reactive populace to Muslims in Germany.

Here is  portion of the news article giving a more assuring view of the governments view with statistics of low immigration numbers staying in Germany.

Disregard for the Facts

The statement, predictably, drew all manner of protests from Germany's opposition, particularly from the center-left Social Democrats and from the Green Party. With his comments, Seehofer made it sound as if the number of Muslims coming into the country were some kind of growing phenomenon that threatened to spiral out of control. But his statements also show a blatant disregard for the facts.
As it happens, there is no Muslim immigration to Germany to speak of. In 2009, a total of 721,000 foreigners immigrated to Germany according to the German Federal Statistical Office -- and 734,000 moved away. Of those who arrived, a mere 30,000 were from Turkey, roughly equal to the average number of people of Turkish origin who have left Germany annually in recent years. The rest of the Top Five source countries for immigrants to Germany were Poland, Romania, the United States and Bulgaria, hardly countries known for their outsized Muslim populations.
 So, from Der Spiegel , a reliable source with more information if you want to read further, with statistics and opinions regarding immigration.

Will look for more insight from other sources regarding immigration in Germany.

Refer to my next post which has a report from the German Chancellor.

Health Care Reform: Boeing Workers to Pay More Next Year.

Reporting from Chron-Top AP Stories Boeing is letting their employees know that there will be increases in health care next year.

Here is an excerpt from the news article.

Boeing is the latest major employer to signal a shift for its workers as a result of the legislation, which expands coverage to more than 30 million uninsured people and ranks as President Barack Obama's top domestic achievement. Earlier, McDonald's had raised questions about whether a limited benefit plan that serves some 30,000 of its employees would remain viable under the law. That prompted the administration to issue McDonald's a waiver from certain requirements under the law.
Spokeswoman Karen Forte said the Boeing plan is more generous than what its closest competitors offer, and the company was concerned it would get hit with a new tax under the law.
.Boeing, a huge work force getting a negative hit from Obama's great health reform act.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Saudis Warn France Al Qaeda Attack About to Happen

BBC News - Europe has this report that Saudi Intelligence issued the warning for Europe and singularly pointed out France as the most likely.

France is the most vulnerable it seems to me with thousands of Muslims living there for years. How do you keep an eye on things?- Such as suspicious Muslims going into crowded area and blow up a place like they did in Israel. Using children and supposed pregnant women with bombs or whatever deadly device. 

Saudi Intelligence would seem quite reliable, seeing as how they have at lot at stake these days.

Barney Frank's Boyfriend Helping Out. Heckled GOP Opponent After Debat.

Mediaite has a video. A short shot and not much converseration. Why stoop to this type of campaign?

Barney and his people are worried?

Buy Battery Powered Cars? Not So Fast.

Government subsidizing loans and grants to auto makers - Obama administration to set a goal of 1 million plug in hybrids in 5 years.

The report in Wall Street Journal covers all the pluses and the negatives such as range of travel, actual cost of the vehicle when the subsidizing stops, and cost of gas.

What the report does not mention, the plug in electricity, where is that huge new requirement coming from?
More coal fired plants? Not with this administration. Nuclear power plant, the administration might go for it, but where are they going to locate it?

I feel the most economical and practical move is to work hard on gas powered or diesel engine with zero emission. 

Los Angeles, California, Is Desperate, Plan to Tax Billboards

The state and Los Angeles both mired in debt, slow on reducing costs and debt, go the Democratic way of surviving. Tax the businesses more. Already businesses are leaving the state and cities in droves, now this.

Read more on thisLos Angeles Times

Businesses might now resort to hiring persons to stand on the street waving signs and banners. Then they will find a way to go after that as well.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Turkish News;There Is a Fear of German Anti-Muslim

Reporting from Turkish news source Hurriyet - Daily News, there is a feeling of anti Muslim and anti immigrant. When there are no jobs and immigrant are holding jobs, this feeling can pervade.

Here is a section of the news item:

The survey, which was broadcast by Deutsche Welle, shows 32 percent of Germans approve of the statement, “When there’s a shortage of jobs, foreigners should be sent back home”; 34 percent agree or strongly agree with the statement that “Foreigners only come here to exploit Germany’s social welfare system”; and 35 percent think that “Germany has a dangerous level of foreign influence as a result of the many foreigners in the country.”
Turkey in the past, a not so orthodox Muslim culture of Kemal Ataturk's revolt in the 1920's; it is changing to a more orthodox Muslim government. It would seem to me, there should be no fear of  Turkish immigrants presently living and working peacefully for many years in German, these immigrants are not of the new sect in charge in Ankara at this time.

Next a calming move by both leaders ends the report. Excerpt from the news article shown below.

Both Turkey and Germany emphasize the importance of integration for Turks living in the country. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan and German Chancellor Angela Merkel jointly attended a football match last week between the Turkish and German national teams, with the Turkish leader wearing a scarf combining both nations’ flag in a symbolic move to highlight the importance of integration.

$250 Bonus Bill For Retirees. House to Vote After Nov.2. Might Have Fight in Senate.

Yahoo! News reports this; according to the article, this is to compensate for another year without cost of living increases.
It is after the election, so who knows what the motive is or why they do things like spending more again when we are up to our eyeballs in debt.

Final good will gesture before many Democrats are kicked out of office?

States Can Proceed With Lawsuit to Invalidate Healthcare. Florida Judge Ruling

News report from Reuters -UK. A step forward in driving a stake in the heart of this American Headache.

How long will it take to get to the Supreme Court?

Next congress is going to hold on funding, putting a brake on the enactment anyway.

The President is all alone. Some Democrat members of congress have backed away.

Being a news report from Great Britain , wonder how the news is received  there. 

Scientist's Study of Mummies Find Negligible Signs of Cancer

This news report from the Daily Mail U.K. claims cancer is a man made disease. Studies of Neanderthal bones also have revealed only one example of probable cancer.

This further confirms studies by author Gary Taubes, his well researched book, Good Calories Bad Calories which showed lifestyle even in the early periods such as 19th century of those living in Africa, having a diet of without refined sugars, had very little signs of cancer and diabetes.

The article in the Daily Mail is interesting in that it seems the study was to find a cure for cancer, but it seems it has come up with a probable cause.

It seems life style and environment  has a strong influence on our well being.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Governor Candidate Brown,Wishing His Name Calling Would End, NOW Wants The Staffer Fired

Los Angeles Times has this article that has NOW wanting the staffer who spoke the "whore" word fired.

Sorry, but I have listened to the phone conversation more than once and have heard it over the years; I know it was Gerry's voice and if they said it was his wife who spoke it, fire them both, Brown and his wife.

Meg had him cornered in the debate, made a fool of himself citing another incident not related at all.

Are California voters who voted all these creatures in over the years, gonna get some sense?

How this "Moonbeam" performed his Attorney General of California position, after all this squirming in the debate; acting like a child caught with his hand in whatever, would make one wonder about California and the Democrat leadership.

Mao's China of Repression:Today's China Christianity Spreading, 100 Million Believers

From Orthodoxy Today and NPR we have perhaps not so surprising , (due to the fact of the rising trade), a news report about the eruption of Christianity in this country of non Christian leaders.

This article makes the point that trade had sparked the Christian following. In the article, as heard on NPR's voice report, the followers attribute their belief in Christ and the Bible to success in entrepreneur ventures. The believers also express that their goal is not an accumulation of wealth for them , but to further the spread of Christianity.

Check in at Orthodoxy Today and NPR to read and hear from Chinese Christians.

Chinese Politicians Speak Out For Reform. Just After Liu Xiaobo's Nobel Prize

From  BBC -News Asia - Pacific we have this news that 23 Commie former communist leaders have written an open letter calling for the stop of the regulating and repression of free speech. Read more from the link, where there is a opinion that the effort will have little effect. During Mao's time, compared to today the leaders did open up to engage in commerce. More than 60 years since Mao, but then communication methods easy to sequester.

Seems interesting that these leaders, who may have achieved their power by the same repressions they are protesting.

Capitalism in China, getting a strong hold, especially in Shanghia, now the largest populated city in the world. This means free trade opens doors creating wealth for many, and of course to have free trade, brings forth more engagements, meaningful  expressions, saying what is on your mind, and so on. Look at North Korea, a totally repressed country. Much like Mao's period in the 1950's.

Black Panthers Intimidation Case Revived.

Reported by Human Events article written by Rep. Frank Wolf, Republican, represents the 10th District of Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives.

The "sweeping under the rug" by Atty. General Holder is a conduct not surprising these days in Obama's Administration. It is quite a change from previous administrations. You could then expect and rely on a pursuit of justice without regard to race.

 A obvious protection of a race, which is the black race, in this case.

What would the late Martin Luther King's reaction be?

How safe do you feel these days?

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Townhall Has 7 Reasons Obama Should Apologize to America

John Hawkins gives this report on his seven reasons.Link to Townhall for complete defining of Mr. Hawkins seven reasons for apology. His reasons listed here in brief, you can read the detail in his report.

 First reason is that Obama is a liar.
Second, Nasty Class Warfare. Third, Obamacare, Fourth, Putting our children in debt, Fifth, Abuse of power, Sixth, Racial polarization and Seventh, Arrogance.
I would like to add two more reasons:

He has made Americans ashamed of our beloved country

He has appeared to not respect our nation as a nation founded and imbued with Judeo and Christian values.

Arizona Hispanic District Might Go Republican. Can It Happen In California?

My California district 39 with incumbent Linda Sanchez has had a 60% majority.

Citizens all colors and cultures, and even Hispanics might not be of the herd mentality- with 17% and more jobless.

 All this is reported Washington Examiner Opinion section

What could be the outcome in California District #39?

Her sister in nearby district is fighting a battle with a Vietnam challenger.

Mexican Investigator InTexas Mexican Border(Falcan Lake) Has Been Beheaded

Brave Mexicans trying to help investigate and find the body of David Hartley who was murdered presumably it is safe to say, while sight seeing with his wife on the lake by Mexican Drug Cartel.

The brave widow of the investigator says they will not stop their work. More on this and videos on CNN.

One must wonder who one can trust in Mexico.

How close to Mexico's President and his aides has the cartel penetrated?

Monterrey, Mexico Is Now Unsafe For U.S. Government Employee's Children

This report from CNSNEWS reporting that the City is off limits for U.S. Government workers children.

You can read more on the News link.

Monterrey, Mexico's second largest city and having problems with drug gangs.

Does one want to go anywhere in Mexico?

I wonder if tourists from Europe and Asia are aware of the danger?

United States employees probably should some kind of  "combat pay".

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Voting; Our Most Treasured Right, Denied to Our Military

Sounds unbelievable, but coming from a reliable news source Foxnews, the news report and opinion written by Gerald R .Molen, an Oscar winning Hollywood producer and former Marine.

The Obama's Administration knowing that the military may have a different voting pattern than the sheep that are still following this president.

What is so hard and difficult to assemble and send absentee ballots to our troops?

Is there purposeful "foot dragging" taking place here?

Disgusting, and so open and blatant. What arrogance!

The following excerpt from Mr. Molen's opinion article.

In my humble opinion, as an American first, and as an avid supporter of all our troops, regardless of their political affiliation, any politician who will not support the rights of those in harm’s way and do everything in their power to get them the opportunity to vote should either resign, quit, move on or step aside in the disgrace they so richly deserve.
And to you Mr. President, have you forgotten that as commander in chief you took an oath to serve all the people? Shouldn’t that include voting rights for the troops? To do otherwise is an insult to all who serve.

On October 12, 1986, President Reagan Won the Cold War

Remembered today in a report and comments in Investors Business Daily written by John Heubusch.

Reagan did not back down on SDI(Strategic Defense Initiative). Gorbachev basically wanted U.S to stop building a defense against his nuclear threat.

President Reagan's speech in Berlin in 1987, "Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall", presumably the start of tearing down of the Berlin Wall on or about November 1989.

A war won without a shot fired. High marks for Reagan's statesmanship.

Read more on the link Investors Business Daily. 

We Know So Little. This Post From Cyberbrethern and Discover, Got Me Thinking

I copied today Pastor McCain's post of Sunday which follows. Real food for thought. If you wish to visit his site <>, you have to scroll down to Oct. 10 post.

What We Don’t Know is Far Greater Than What We Know about the Universe

October 10th, 2010 1 comment
Did you know that:
  • 96% of the universe consists of unknown components. 23% is thought to consist of so-called “dark matter” which nobody understands. 73% is “dark energy” that is thought to have something to do with the universe expanding. So-called “ordinary matter” accounts for just 4% of the cosmos.
  • There are 12,500 genes in the human genome, whose function remains completely unknown. Genes make up only 2% of the human genome. The rest of the material in the human gene remains a mystery.
  • There are 85 billion cells in the human brain that are not neurons. Neurons make up less than half of all brain cells. The remaining cells, known as “glia” are now just beginning to be cataloged and researched.
Source: Discover, October 2010, pg. 15.

So Now California Governor Candidate's Wife Called Meg Whitman a Whore

So if his wife said it, it's alright to utter obscenities about people. This report comes from Foxnews. You can read more and the interesting comments at the link.

Even if it was his wife that spoke that whore word, does that let the "Moonbeam" Brown off without even sending out an apology quickly after the word was out.

I listened to the tape more than once, I heard  Gerry Brown's voice leaving the message to the Police and Fire Unions, and the chatter after he thought he hung up, and it clearly sounded like "Moonbeam's".

Come on Gerry Brown, man up and say you did it.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Governor Sarah Palin Endorses 26 Combat Vets For Congress

Found this important website while roaming on The website is Combat Veterans For Congress

You can view on the website pictures of all the Combat Veterans For Congress. Here is an except of Governor Palin's endorsement.  Other notables are also endorsing these vets, view their statements on the site.

Governor Palin in her endorsement statement of Combat Veterans For Congress said: "Last week I campaigned for a true American hero, John McCain, and this week I'd ask you to join me in supporting a new generation of heroes who are heeding their country's call for leadership in Washington." Governor Palin goes on to say, "There are a number of great veteran candidates running for office this year, and there are some excellent organizations dedicated to helping them, including Combat Veterans For Congress PAC. I believe that these great veterans will fight for us in D.C. to uphold and defend our Constitution as courageously in the halls of Congress as they did on the field of battle.
"I'm so honored to offer my support to these American heroes, and I hope you'll join me in helping them so that they can serve us all in Washington. America, if you love your freedom, thank a Vet! And if you're looking for leaders who believe in integrity, service, and country first, look to our Veterans," concludes Governor Palin.

What a change in our congress, when these vets get elected, taking care of us again.

"GloBal Warming" Deemed a Fraud By U.C. Professor Harold Lewis

It takes the British news Telegraph to come forward with a report and a letter from a U.S.Physics Professor to confirm in a letter what many of world wide scientists have been revealing for years.

The Governor Of California and Senator Barbara Boxer both still strong on this "warming hoax". Have we been reading anything from Al Gore on this? He was almost our president!

A very damming letter of resignation by the Professor. A long read, but a real wealth of information which might confirm your own thoughts.

Will this start the ball rolling to repeal some of the nonsense that has been enacted over this hoax?

Republican Rep. Mike Pence Sees Supremes Stopping Health Care

Key parts of the bill will be seen as unconstitutional as reported in The Hill link. Read below key excerpts from the report.

The Indiana lawmaker, and potential 2012 presidential candidate, has been among the crowd of Republicans to question whether a central part of Democrats' healthcare reform bill is constitutional. The crux of their argument is that the individual mandate — the section of the law requiring individuals to have health insurance of some sort — violates the Constitution.
How long will this take to get to the court?

With the new congress in 2011, and some states already calling the bill unlawful, seems "dead on arrival".

Ted Kennedy's Mary Jo Was Pregnant?

Ted might have been considered a loathsome creature by many even knowing about Mary Jo's death, but this magnified his low stature even more.

The broadcast and print media controlled and protected the creme of the crap. Hopefully, today, not quite so "leak proof".

Read all about it in The American Thinker. This post found while roaming

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I Have Not Seriously Twitted:Here Are 10 Reasons We Should. From Psychology Today

A post from website of Psychology Today featuring Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, a noted author on books on ADD/ADHD and Autism. Dr. Sarkis has won major awards for her research on ADHD and brain function.

Her article titled " 10 Reason Why You Should Tweet (on twitter)".Quoting from her column, "The first reason is you can get great customer service from companies." This reason alone drew my interest, you have problems or you can find out about deals from companies before being released to the public.

The remaining reasons, I believe useful for many of us; here is another reason I have quoted partially from the post. "You can get more involved in your cause. I'm into pet rescue, and there are a lot of groups on twitter that support that cause."

So go to the link and find where twitting may help you.

I am convinced. Going to hop on Twitter like the good Dr. suggests! 

Friday, October 8, 2010

Picturesque Little Hungarian Town United in Recovery. Just Asking For Moral Support

From Pajamasmedia a touching story from a Hungarian reporter, Andras Simonizi, he gives a thoughtful and calm assessment of his time in the USA during the Katrina disaster. Read more upfront tender honesty at the Pajamasmedia link.

What he said of his country's President when he toured the disaster, he it seem when the reporter described it, was there to sincerely give assistance and no publicity, unlike all others.

89,000 Stimulus Payments of $250 Mailed to the Dead and Imprisoned

As reported in NewsYahoo. Are you surprised?

How many of these people are going to be voting this November?

Popular Mechanics Breakthrough Awards; Artificial Retina lst Award

Barbara Cambell can now see, being the first to get her retina. Check it out at Brooklyn NY1 A Popular Mechanics Breakthrough event.

Another award was for a system for earthquakes that would preserve a structure. Final award for a soccer ball that generates electricity.

The retina implant seems to me quite a breakthrough. Article does not reveal what type of blindness it affects.

Wisconsin's Feingold Going Down With Obama's Help. Can The Unions Make It Worse?

Wisconsin like Michigan with UAW's representing Oshkosh Corp and others like Harley Davidson with their lavish pensions and early retirement, is eventually going close up many union shops.

What is interesting in this report by Pajamas Media, in it's closing, is that the union passed out hardhats for the members to wear in their demonstrations, the hats were made in China.

Unions have a lot of money to aid Feingold, but the "union label" has a new meaning of "greed".

Read more at the Pajamas Media  link written by Gary Wickert.

Gerry "Moonbeam" Brown resorting to Gutter Politics to Smear Whitman.California Voters Going to Fall For This Crap?

Just before the election, the Democrats now may feel they cannot win (Brown lost the debate), so they go "down and dirty" by having a "gutter sweeping lawyer" talk an ignorant, selfish, illegal alien maid into the act. Even with that action, not thinking that the lawyer was not concerned about any ramifications regarding the revelation of the maid's illegal status, no it was more important to smear her former employer , Meg Whitman, who by the way, was paying $23 an hour for low level minimum pay work. Sneaky and disgusting conduct with the apparent Attorney General Brown's knowledge.

Read more about the believable , yes believable antics of the Democrat California Attorney General (yes, he is the chief law enforcer of California) - good reading and comments can be found in American Thinker.

I remember an old anti Brown bumper sticker, it went like this, "If it's brown flush it down".

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Global Warming Or Climate Change Still Heating Up?

Our government hard at work again wasting your hard earned tax dollars. Has squandered a $700,000 grant to the Civilian, a theater company for a show about climate change.
Read more about it inWashington Examiner.

It presumably might be a rider on the health care bill, the bill we are finding out about now. Remember Pelosi saying we would find out what's in it after it passed.

I want to see a show about government shrinking

Immigration and Customer Enforcement (ICE) Arrests and Deportations Are Up

More arrests of employers who hire illegal aliens are up as well. I presume the deportations are from the prisons throughout the county. The report states that the policy is to deport the "worst of the worst" first. Good news for us living here in California. This report from Orange County Register of Santa Ana ,CA. Here is an excerpt of the article showing the details: 

In fiscal year 2010, immigration officials removed more than 392,000 people from the United States, according to ICE statistics. Nearly half – 95,000 – had criminal convictions.
Of those with criminal records:
•33 percent were considered serious offenders, including those convicted of murder, rape or major drug crimes.
•44 percent were "Level 2" offenders – convicted of robbery or lesser drug crimes.
Convicted criminal removals included:
•More than 1,000 aliens convicted of homicide
•Nearly 6,000 aliens convicted of sex offenses
•Nearly more than 45,000 aliens convicted for drugs offenses
•Nearly 28,000 aliens convicted for driving under the influence
The other half who were deported were those in the country illegally without a criminal conviction, including recent border entrants and immigration fugitives – people who ignored deportation orders.

President Obama Off to India Nov. 4, Not Staying For Post Media Encounters?

President Obama will arrive in India on November 5. He will be traveling for 12 days, visiting India, Indonesia,  Japan and South Korea.
Read more of the report in the Times of India.

So far it can be assumed that the trip is to bolster our relationship with our Asian allies. As commented in the Times, the increasing tension with China could have some bearing on the trip.

For our friends in Asia, and our security, seems to be a worthy trip.

Barney Frank,(D-MA) Safest House Seat, Might Not Be So Safe

Rep. Frank's challenger, Sean Bielat is revealed in THE WEEK only 10 points behind.

If this safe seat is in jeopardy , think about the status of all the other seats.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Limbaugh Dubs President Obama a Jackass; Among Other Terms

Jackass , The symbol of the Democrat Party, Rush got it right, like he always does, 98 percent of the time. You can read more and listen to him on ABC News.

Among the millions hearing his truth hitting the target, must of been at lot of "right on's" being shouted out at that time.

Bravo Rush!

Meg Whitman's Former Maid, Says "She is No Puppet" Says She Speaks for All Maids

$23 and hour for dusting, mopping taking out the trash, easy money wouldn't you say? What's the complaint about? Her attorney caught in a presumably arranged deal to besmirch Mrs. Meg Whitman, has to make up some case showing her involvement in an non existing abuse case, and now tangled up with the maid's illegal alien status. Where is the immigration enforcement people? Shouldn't they be handcuffing the maid and sending her back to Mexico? Read all about the maid's cause to speak for her "comrades in mops" as reported CBS NEWS.

The attorney exposed the maid to authorities to present her abuse case on TV. Should lose her license.

Attorney General Brown , the governor candidate, should be enforcing our immigration laws, wouldn't you think? Do we really want this "moonbeam" desperate, perpetual, politician as our governor?

Saudi Prince Kills His Male Servant in London Hotel. Sex Involved?

London's Old Baily's jury hearing the case. The Prince says he killed him, but did not murder. More on BBC where there is a video of the assault by the Prince.

They had been staying in London since January sharing the same hotel room. Can one surmise that these Princes when they leave Saudi, some do not like the life style there? Assuming that as  soon as they get away, it appears they are drinking alcohol and abandoning the Muslim religion for a while.

Back in Saudi, he probably could have murdered his love and got away with it.

Former Secretary of State George Shultz Says Obama "Out of His Mind"

Reagan's Secretary of State held back not criticism of Obama regarding hils policy of Afghanistan withdrawal. His pullout whether there is  victory or no victory. Read more atWashington Times. 

These remarks by the former Secretary must give pause to many of us, especially when a man of this stature is speaking out against this policy of "withdrawal without victory".

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Democrat Congressman Conyers Writes Bounced Check to State. Are We Surprised?

Shows what kind of people we have there in Washington running things; can't keep a checking account straight or just broke and hoping the state will overlook, or whatever.

The article with interesting comments is posted inThe American Thinker.

Can his state of Michigan try and find someone better this time? Let's hope so.

A Solution to Somali Piracy. A Mercenary Navy

Navies of shippers are not trained for this, or would  violate some treaty, rules of the sea or whatever; but a group of small ships independent of any government could very well be the answer. A great report from the New Zealand Herald. An excerpt from the article follows.

"We would have armed personnel with fast boats escorting ships, and make it very clear to any Somali vessels in the vicinity that they are entering a protected area," JLT senior partner Sean Woollerson told the Independent newspaper in London.
One problem mentioned in the report is that they have prisoners that could be hostages.

If the piracy operation gets to be stopped, perhaps negotiate for the release of hostages.

Our Weak President Obama, China Is Testing How Weak.

The opinion article in the Christian Science Monitor touches on the recent encounter with Japan's Coast Guard and a Chinese fishing boat which it seems it deliberately rammed the Coast Guard vessel.

Obama has shown weakness in his term so far, as indicated in the opinion article.

Will Japan turn to us? Seems that it will have to start taking care of itself. It is beholden to China for raw materials. Who has the winning hand? Right now, China.

USA must maintain supremacy of the Pacific. 

Simple solution. Inform China the their exports to USA are in jeopardy if you don't back off.

India will be happy to fill in the void.

Califonia Democrat's Maxim Waters In FDIC Investigation

House Ethics Panel investigation brought on by Republican Darrel Issa seems to show some shady transactions. Read more in Human Events.

Judicial Watch's lawsuit has revealed more questionable unethical and illegal dealings.

It would be nice if the trial be held now, putting some more Democrats on the spotlight and in jail. Being tried and investigated by your Democrat buddies; nothing of real consequence is going to happen. If held over, after November, trial will not be by her buddies.

I'm wondering, if she is cleared by her buddies, can it be re-opened again in 2012 for criminal acts?

Monday, October 4, 2010

Russian Chess Master Defeats 16, What's With These Russians and Chess?

In Pasadena California, Chess Master Andrey Terekohov played 16 all at once. Caltech's Chess Club challenging the master. Knowing that Caltech would be a place for ardent chess players, seems that there would be at least one winner. Read more at Pasadena Star-News.

Illegals Rescued Off Calif. Coast . We Keep Them or Return?

LATIMES has this report of 16 illegals rescued by U.S. Coast Guard. I have always asked myself with the procedure is , return them or go through the hassle of arresting and await deportation, or is it like those that try from Cuba, they are returned to the homeland. Perhaps they are of the notion that (like the Cubans) if they make ashore, they get to stay.

Will keep a watch for more developments.

D.C. Rally "One Nation" to Counter Beck's "Restoring Honor" a Dismal Fizzler

MSNBC's Ed Shultz's boasting that he could bring in attendees to go over Beck's 300,000 attendance at "Restoring Honor"; sort of "fizzled" out is one way to describe it.

Take a look at the two pictures shown by Newsbusters of the DC Mall and compare for yourself. This news report by Newsbusters.

Are we going to get any real coverage of this event, or that going to fizzle as well?

Is President Obama an Illegal Alien? Not Sure.

As reported in the WorldNetDaily- a petition has been filed in the high court, the 3rd U.S. circuit of Appeals to uphold the dismissal of a case presented by attorney Mario Apuzzo. Defendants are Obama, U.S. Congress and others.

I would like to know more about this unknown president. The more they try to conceal and "foot drag" to keep us uninformed of information we have a right to know, the flames of doubt smolders even more.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Bob Dylan: Is He Impressed By President Obama? Seems He Is Not

I would not be impressed either. What has the zero done so far, except put us all in the ditch. Great read today how the great poet and musician sort of brushes off the great one. find and enjoy on world.

Bye the way, who is Lady GaGa anyway?

California Attorney General Brown, Governor Candidate; Gets Down and Dirty

News in the Orange County Register , called phony, by syndicated columnist Debra Saunders, It makes the publicity hound attorney, Gloria Allred getting it wrong in implying that Meg Whitman, running for governor against Brown knew that she hired an illegal alien for her housekeeper.

If this is all that the Brown campaign can come up with for "dirt", Meg Whitman should have a new campaign add broadcasting  the "cheap" shot. Do we want a person who resorts to such sleaze to be our governor?

Ireland: Once The Model For Growth, Now Going Down Like Greece

Too much borrowing and easy credit. Just like in USA. This interesting comparison in American Thinker. In fact the comparison should worry you, because the parallel is similar.

Forget about retiring in Ireland in that nice cottage by the sea. Once the dream of many to go back to the "old sod".

McDonald's May Drop Health Insurance. Why? Obama Care.

The promise that one could keep his health insurance is a lie. This is forcing young workers and seniors to go for more costly coverage. Read more at Investor's Business Daily.

When jobs are scarce and the economy showing no signs of recovery; your president and congress working hard to make life miserable.

There is hope that the new Republican House will not allow funding for Obama Care.

Revolt in Ecuador. President Correa Hospitalized.

Being reported that some of the police and military are a part of the coup attempt. read more on BBC for news and videos.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez might be concerned. Unrest is fomenting in his country as well. Coup attempts even when failed can bring concessions which will be seen in other nations and catch fire.

One would think that Mexico even with a so called democratic republic, with their drug cartels killing everyday, would incite the poor and the middle class to a coup as well.