Monday, February 28, 2011

Electric Vehicles: Charging Stations Paid for by US Taxpayers Planned.

I always thought that the charging would be done at home overnight for the next trip. 

I suppose there will be those who will have a dead battery (like run out of gas). 

Can you picture someone stranded on the street, will have to buy a battery if there is no station around. You can't buy a can of electricity and pour into the vehicle. I see a big problem here.

The article is a good read at Chicago Tribune by Julie Wernau.

This electric car plan needs a lot more careful thought before getting serious about it.

Social Security Not an Issue for Obama. However, the Money Is Not There.

President Bush wanted to allow the contributors to set aside into their own private accounts. If that had started, the potential retirees would have a greater reserve for retirement. 

President Johnson needed money, so he raided the fund, and now the only solution is to raise the retirement age.

Read the report from Washington Times by Sean Lengell

Read a portion of the report next.

In past years, the Social Security fund received more taxpayer dollars than it needed to pay benefits, and the surplus money was put into trust funds. But the federal government has borrowed from these funds to pay for other projects, leaving IOUs that the government will soon have to begin paying back out of other revenue.

The government will have to pay back the IOUs with more printed dollars. CRIMINAL DEEDS,UNPUNISHED.

Public Unions, the Democrat's Richest Source of Campaign Funds.

This money supply of union dues for elections may soon be over.

This excellent report from Real Clear Politics written by Robert Tracinski

Here is an excerpt that gives a bit of the effect of what is happening to the unions and the Democrats.

In short, public employment is an idealized socialist economy in miniature, including its political aspect: the grateful recipients of government largesse provide money and organizational support to re-elect the politicians who shower them with all of these benefits.
A Historical moment is taking place in Wisconsin.

Four Peaceful Americans Murdered by Pirates. No Commet from Obama.

There was a time United States would deliver swift action.

  • Busy with the Wisconsin problem.
  • The Mrs. is always doing something...
  • Libya, he is my friend.
Read more fromThe Hill by Bridget Johnson

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday Psalm

Psalm 121

I will lift up my eye to the hills-
My help comes from the Lord,
Who made heaven and earth.

He will not allow your foot to be moved;
He who keeps you will not slumber.
Behold, He who keeps Israel
Shall neither slumber nor sleep.

The Lord is your keeper;
The Lord is you shade at your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day,
Nor the moon by night.

The Lord shall preserve you from all evil;
He shall preserve your soul.
The Lord shall preserve your going out and
your coming in
From this time forth, and even forevermore.

New King James Version

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fargo North Dakota Has Jobs.Under 3% Unemployed.

Oil drilling brings all kinds of workers. 

Severe winters, but no different than Minnesota where many thrive and enjoy the climate.

Does Alaska complain about shortage of workers?

Surly, one can deal with such things if you can get up and go to work everyday.

This news from The Wall Street Journal

Political Power in the Midwest Challenged. Democrats Need Union Money.

If they stop the automatic deduction from paychecks to pay union dues, this will drive a big stake in the heart of the unions. Many will think twice when it comes time to pay the monthly dues, anywhere from $20 to $50. The unions will have to send out letters and collect their own.

This well written report from Los Angeles Times by Mark Z. Barabak

Libya: Obama May Have to Stop the Stalling on Drilling in USA.

Does Obama care if we suffer through this when we have oil in the US twice the reserves in the middle east?

Even if we could bring the oil up, then the stalling on the refineries will begin.

We are screwed.

The court ordered the sanctions removed so drilling could resume. The Administration is ignoring the order, should we as a people respect law and order when the President does not honor it?

What to do? Maybe the House Republicans can defund the EPA.

This news report from The Telegraph - UK by Richard Blackden

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tankers for US Air Force Goes to Boeing.

Good news for Seattle. Seattle already has a low unemployment rate.

This fight for the contract has been going on since 2004.

Read from the link BBC NEWS

Hoover Commission Recommends California Roll Back Pensions.

A good plan. Government workers, this plan is better than bankruptcy.

So how does this deal interfere with Governor Brown's tax proposal and cut backs?

If this goes to the electorate, it should pass.

Read more on this from an excellent report by Sacramento Bee and posted by Jon Ortiz.

California Governor Brown Seeks More Taxes From the Overtaxed.

So Governor Brown probably knows it is going to be a hard sell. Has to get two thirds of the Legislature to allow the initiative to go on the June ballot.

So when that fails, he can say he tried to get more taxes, so now I have to make the drastic cuts.

Eventually, the state will have to declare bankruptcy.

More on this from the New York Times by Adam Nagourney

Khadafy Calls Obama a "Friend".

This is from Rush Limbaugh excerpts from his talk show.

Libyan leader Muammar Khadafy considers the US president a blessing to the Muslim world. In a speech published in London-based al-Hayat newspaper on Saturday, Khadafy praised Barack Obama, called him a 'friend'
Hearing no denial from Obama, means that it is true.
Does Obama know about this brutal dictator? He ordered the bombing of the airline that went down in Scotland murdering many Americans.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Somali Pirates. We Have to Take Them Out Now.

No more pussy footing around by our Secretary of State Clinton.

This is no major military operation. 

Assert ourselves just once should take care of it.

More good reading on this from Commentary by Max Boot

Health Freedom Act Passes in Tennesse.

 Good news.

Another state opting out of Obama Care.

Next, go after government unions. 

This report from the Tennessean -AP

$600 Thousand Deficit in Allen Park, Michigan, Layoffs Forthcoming.

Fire fighters and police are on the list.

Volunteer fireman and police will deminish the deficit.

Will insurance premiums skyrocket?

All this reported and more from The Detroit News by Santiago Esparza

Ann Coulter Says: Look for the Union Fable.

A good read today, Ann really blasts the unions.

The column is posted in Human Events . A portion I liked best is this,

Far from being careful stewards of the taxpayers' money, politicians are on the same side of the bargaining table as government employees -- against the taxpayers, who aren't allowed to be part of the negotiation. This is why the head of New York's largest public union in the mid-'70s, Victor Gotbaum, gloated, "We have the ability to elect our own boss."

Shariah Followers Would Be Jailed in Tennessee.

It is about time some brave lawmaker gets tough with those who plan to kill us.

The Tennessean is where you can read more about the law being readied for movement through the houses. By Bob Smietana

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

TV News Crew Attacked by California Mob

Video here on TV NEWS Breitbart TV NEWS  


What can be done about these people?

News crew on public property, just covering the news.

NFL Star Kills Self to Have Brain Examined.

Read about this NFL Star here CBSNEWS by Armen Keteyan Here is an excerpt of an excellent report.
Just hours before the shooting, Duerson had texted family members requesting his brain be donated to science and examined for a disease known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy, or CTE, caused by repeated blows to the head.
So sad, this man tried to live with it.

May he finally have peace.

I have always wondered about boxers and about their medical history. They take a lot of blows to the head.

Good Men; Where Are They?

From the Wall Street Journal by Kay S. Hymowitz - A excellent report about our young people. Take time to read it.
Shall I just say men; where are they?  
They are at the mall.
Sleeping in. Beg them to take out the garbage. Clean their room and so on. Ask them, what are you going to do with your life? Get a shrug in response.
Too many adult babies.

Most good men are in the military, you can bet on that.

There is the Greatest Generation by Tom Brokow; then there is the worst generation.

Wisconsin Eighth Graders Only 39 Per Cent Math Proficient.

How proficient are the $80,000 a year teachers in math?

This is an outrage. Those showing this performance be summarily fired. 

Now is the time for private schools and home schools to have a greater portion of the budget. 

Union dues should not be deducted from paychecks. A separate payment if worker so elects, must make separate payment to the union.

This news report from CNSNEWS by Terence P. Jeffery

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Detroit to Close Half Its Schools. A Financial Restruction Plan.

They are making classes larger with the same teachers and consolidating. Consolidating means building larger schools and classrooms. This is making candy out of dirt.

They were doing a poor job with teaching before with small classes, how is increasing the teacher's class to sixty going work?

Why are not the unions screaming and hollering about this? Fifty per cent of the teachers and staff out in the street.

More on this from CBS NEWS

Michelle Obama - Your Healthy Eating Program. Practice What You Preach.

Russ Limbaugh calls her a hypocrite for violating the standards she has set for us.

Read more from CNN Politics by CNN

Here is a portion of the critique that the First Lady received about not setting a good example.

TRENDING: Limbaugh takes aim at Michelle Obama's waistline
Washington (CNN) - Michelle Obama is taking heat from talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh after a report in the Vail Daily that she consumed a not-so-healthy-meal of ribs for dinner while on a recent visit to the Colorado resort, the latest example of conservative angst directed at the first lady's healthy-eating initiative.
 There is more from the article.

Unions Win for D.C. Fired Teachers.

Arbitrator Feigenbaum found that the fired teachers were not properly dismissed.
     In this report, the arbitrator found that the teachers did not receive enough written explanations for
     their tardiness. How much detail does one need for being tardy?

This report from the Heritage Foundation - Author Rachel Sheffield.

Here is a portion of the news report and analysis from author Sheffield.
As Feigenbaum noted in his ruling, according to the school district’s union agreement, if a probationary teacher receives negative reviews after both years of his or her trial period, the school district can dismiss that teacher. While the 75 dismissed teachers received negative reviews during their first year, and principal reports from the second year indicate poor performance–tardiness, unprofessional behavior, “rude and aggressive” demeanor, and so forth–because the teachers did not receive sufficient written explanations for their tardiness, D.C. Public Schools are being faulted.
Seems that the arbitrator was seeking for some insignificant fault to make the decision.
This is why charter schools are gaining in D.C.

Venezuela, Purported Haven for Libya's Dictator Gaddafi.

  • Safe in the realm of Hugo Chavez. Ha.
  • Hugo, observing all these uprisings around the world, how secure do you feel these days?
  • Colonel Gaddafi, why choose Venezuela?
  • Arabia, your own people said no?
This report from Telegraph- UK by Bruno Waterfield, Brussels

Monday, February 21, 2011

Reverse Alzheimer's: Alcohol Can Delay.

Good News: Alcohol in moderation is good for your heart, a stress reliever, raises good cholesterol and now can help you with the threat of Alzheimer's.

 A good report today, take time to read in Daily Mail UK by Jean Carper

Wisconsin Republicans Plan to Convene Without Democrats.

They can pass a lot of things and make appointments without Democrats present. I wonder if the Democrats  thought of that? Such as make Wisconsin a "Right to Work" State.

History is being made in Madison,Wisconsin. Looking forward to more upheavals, could it happen in New Jersey?

What's going to happen in California with its huge debt teetering on bankruptcy, with a Democrat Governor and Legislature?

This excellent report from FOX NEWS-and AP
Here is an excerpt - the President is getting involved with his union fellowship, if you will, well, they paid his campaign funds.

President Obama, whose group Organizing for America, has bused in some of the nearly 70,000 protesters Saturday, last week called the bill "an assault on unions."
Walker said the president should stay focused on fixing the federal budget, which is $1.5 trillion in deficit this year. The president's plan, rolled out last week, proposes $1.65 trillion in deficits next year.  

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

    D.C. Council Chairman Kwame Brown Orders "Fully Loaded" Lincoln SUV.

    Lincoln? Usually they order a Cadillac.

    Pretty soon we are just not going to pay our taxes to support this arrogant disregard of our hard earned money.

    A day of reckoning is coming.   

    Posted at Washington Post by Mike Debonis

    More on the this waste in our nation's capital-

    Paul D. Craney, executive director of the D.C. Republican Committee, asked why Brown is leasing a luxury vehicle when the city is under serious financial pressure.
    "It shows his set of priorities, and it's totally ridiculous to anyone who pays D.C. taxes when they hear this type of story," Craney said of Brown.

    U.S. Iraq Wounded Vet Hero Booed and Jeered at Columbia University.

    A brave hero facing this ungrateful scum.

    Spoiled kids, our future leaders? Pray that they are the minority.

    Leftism, Marxism always appeals to the so called intellectuals. 

    Read more at NYPOST by Annie Karni

    There are some professors who are not opposed , read the next clip.

    A group of 34 faculty colleagues, including historian Kenneth Jackson and former Bloomberg adviser Esther Fuchs, plan to announce their support of ROTC tomorrow.
    José Robledo, 30, a Columbia student who commutes to Fordham University for ROTC coursework, said he found the treatment of Maschek abhorrent.

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Sunday Psalm

    Psalm 150
    Praise the Lord!
    Praise Him in His mighty firmament!

    Praise Him for His mighty acts:
    Praise Him according to His excellent

    Praise Him with the sound of the trumpet;
    Praise Him with the timbrel and dance;
    Praise Him with stringed instruments and

    Praise Him with loud cymbals;
    Praise Him with clashing cymbals!

    Let everything that has breath praise the
    Praise the Lord!

    New KJV

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Saudi Royal Family Prince Says Reform Must Proceed Faster.

    Great cause for concern for these leaders. Bahrain and then ...

    Reform, what will it be? More rights for women? A violation of the Quorum?

    Being humane, that will be a challenge. 

    Read more from this link The Australian 

    A clip from the report from one of the family, an heir to the King perhaps?

    A SENIOR member of the Saudi royal family has warned that the oil-rich country could be harmed by the uprisings sweeping the Arab world unless it speeded up reforms. 
    Read more about the Prince as revealed in this post in the link.

    Tea Party Leaders to Counter Union Protests in Wisconsin.

    Andrew Breitbart and Herman Cain plus more will be attending in Madison at noon Saturday. Pray for them.

    This may be a historic happening for our nation.

    Read all of this report from The Daily Caller by Mathew Boyle

    Wisconsin Sends Troopers After Dissenting Democrat Senator.

    The missing protesting Senators will have to return. - But when? Can the Governor appoint a replacement,  is my thought.

    The Democrats plan to stay away for days or even weeks.The Democrats, cannot cripple the government by being a poor loser forever.

    School kids being used, that's shameful.

    When and if they return, it will pass anyway.

    Obama calls it an "assault on unions". Unions paid into his election coffers, he's gotta support them.

    This report from SUNTIMES 
    Written by Scott Bauer

    Line Item Veto Revived.

    This would be a real cost cutting measure. 

    Everyone should be in favor until it is your pork item for your district or state.

    After a few line items taken out, they will not come up anymore.

    This report from The Hill by Chen Jacobus

    EPA Creates "Dust Bowl" in California's Central Valley for Fish Bait.

    EPA(Environmental Protection Agency) Defund and eliminate this agency.

    California the agriculture center of the USA and the World, this title, might not  be true anymore.

    To destroy the livelihood of thousands of farmers, their land blowing dust across this once fruited land, this is shameful and sinful. This is making food prices skyrocket for all of us over a tiny fish(smelt) that is only good for bait. 

    We have a Senator Fienstein who favors the smelt over farm production.  Makes no sense.

    More on this from Big Government by Adam Spark

    Read it to make your sigh and cry in disgust. 

    Friday, February 18, 2011

    Obama's "Czars" Defunded by Republicans.

    Good news.
    • How many are there? Some say 44. 
    • Will these dedicated "Czars' work without pay? Money will be found some where, no problem.
    • Presumably this means defunding the whole newly created "Czar" departments. A lot of layoffs - yikers!
    • Obama will pay out of the "petty cash fund". That will fix it.  
    This report from The Hill

    Wisconsin Protests Organized by Democrat National Committee

    Calling for"sick in" absentee for teachers and prison guards endangers citizens and sends the wrong message to our children.

    From FOX NEWS

    Where do Leftist(Unions) Get the Time to Protest? Mr. Nordlinger Asks.

    Good question Mr. Nordlinger.

    Taking days off and protesting on our tax paid salary. Shameless arrogance.

    Can they be fired?

    From National Review - The Corner
    By Jay Nordlinger
    An excerpt from the report,
    As I look at the union members swarm the Wisconsin capital, I have a familiar thought: A great advantage of the Left is that they are organized and determined — and have a lot of time. Paid time. The taxpayer is funding these “days of protest,” engaged in by the public-school teachers. They are using their “sick” leave, provided by the taxpayer, to go rallying. 
    Read the whole report. Unions using the education of our children and our safety (prisoner guards stayed home) as pawns for their protest is grounds for a mass firing.     


    U.S. to Pay $1 Billion to Baghdad for Damage to City

    Ungrateful or just plain ignorant Muslims. How soon they forget that they are now free from Sadam's rape and torture programs.

    Read more from Reuters Written by Aseel Kami

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    Protests in Bahrain. Police Disperse Thousands

    No signs of unrest in Bahrain before.

    Comparing to other Muslim nations, Bahrain has been moving towards a constitutional monarchy.

    Are the protesters Bahrain citizens or workers from other nations such as Africa, India and Philippines? 

    The news reporter has not spoke to any of the protesters.

    This is from BBC  ABC News correspondent Miguel Marquez reporting from a video, but no visible sign of what he describes.

    Will search for more information.

    Rep. Issa Is on the Hunt. Countrywide's VIP Loan Program.

    • Good place to start.

    • The Senate cleared Dodd, but will he escape this search for wrongdoing?

    • The arrogance of this administration in their pattern of skirting laws. Can they dodge subpoenas? We shall see how this will play out.

    Read more at The Hill - Written by Peter Schroeder

    Just 44 Percent of Mexican Border Has Operational Control.

    Just earlier last week, Napolitano said no more agents for the next two years.

    The billions going to foreign aid could finish the fence.

    50 percent not controlled means that it is only 50 percent effective.

    This news from US NEWS Written by Paul Bedard 

    Wisconsin Republican Gov. Draws Protests When Worker's Rights Cut.

    Public worker unions protesting. What percent of the population belong to public workers unions?

    The people spoke, and put in a tough governor and state legislatures.

    Senate President Mike Ellis says the alternative to the cuts is layoff of 20,000 workers.

    Many teachers called in sick, prison guards fail to show up. 
    Government workers have too much leverage - holding education and our safety as a bargaining weapon.

    This report from Yahoo   By Scott Bauer and Todd Richmond

    Wednesday, February 16, 2011

    What California GOPer Knew About Egypt Before the CIA? Chuck DeVore.

    This post from SFGATE

    Chuck DeVore, former military- retired Lt. Colonel, worked in intelligence, lived in Egypt, has what we need for the military and intelligence gathering.

    We have our CIA director reading the news to predict the outcome of upheavals. Can we do better?

    There were probably a lot of signals going to the CIA about what was going to happen, but the men in charge are not intelligence people, they are politicians.

    How and why did Panetta get the CIA job anyway?

    We need to scrap out the whole system and start over.

    Read more about Chuck DeVore from the link.

    51% of Republicans Believe Obama is Not a Citizen, Per Atlanta Journal C.Tucker

    • It's so easy to produce the document.
    • Why the "foot dragging"?
    • Trying to make Republicans look silly when carping on this?
    • Is there something Obama does not want us to see?
    He is not going to be re-elected anyway, shall we just move on?

    Arizona has a law that the contenders have to show the real proof of citizenship.

    This report from AJC - Written by Cynthia Tucker

    Border Needs No More Additional Miles for 2011-2012 Says Napolitano.

    Is Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas in agreement with that?

    So the drug wars and crimes are under control. It's not illegals coming across, now the drug traffic.

    This report from CNS NEWS Written by Edwin Mora

    Here is an excerpt from the article explaining the reason for the cutback.

    DHS declares it has established “effective control” of a mile of the U.S. border “when the appropriate mix of personnel, equipment, technology and tactical infrastructure has been deployed to reasonably ensure that when an attempted illegal entry is detected, the Border Patrol has the ability to identify, classify and respond to bring the attempted illegal entry to a satisfactory law enforcement resolution.”

    Death Penalty for Iran's Opposition Leader Demanded by Iran's Legislators.

    Egypt's protesters are they not  the same as Iran's, Mr. President Obama?

    Are you, Mr. President going to support them this time?

    Read more on M & C. There are some amateur picture coverage showing, but not from the link coverage. 

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011

    Time to Go Egypt on Obama if the People Are Ignored, Says Limbaugh.

    They (Congress) are not listening to the Tea Party.

    No across the aisle, come together, bi partisan activity. Make no compromises, you are in charge.

    Rush Limbaugh - click here for the radio transcript. A real call to action.

    TSA(Transportation Security Administration) Allowed to Unionize

    More government unions - No Way. 
        Reagan stopped the traffic controllers- he fired them.

    How to stop this outrage?

    This news report from Washington Times 
     Written by Ed Feulner

    Here is an excerpt of what might happen when bargaining for more wages, vacations, retirement package, etc.

    Look what happened in Toronto over the Thanksgiving holiday in 2006. Canadian law allows airline screeners to unionize, and at that time, the Toronto airport union was unhappy with how the talks were going. So they decided to send a little message to government: They started hand-inspecting every single piece of luggage. As planned, of course, this caused huge backups, and many fliers missed their flights.
    Finally, to help move people along, managers allowed 250,000 people to board their flights without being screened. Fortunately, no terrorist incident took place. But it was pure luck that it didn’t.
    Looks like the only way to stop them, is to defund the department till we stop the movement.

    USA"s Intelligence Service Failed Again.

    Our most sensitive service unit needs to show competence in leadership.

    Could it be just a ploy to throw off our Muslim enemies? That's it, we are hiding our trump cards, letting them think we know nothing.
    Sarcasm off.

    • Obama's leadership has failed.
    • Show me on department in his administration that has performed with an average grade of competence.
    • Our military demonstrates above average in spite of Obama's administration.
    This report from theNY Post
    Written by Michael A. Walsh

    Read more, here is the opening charge in the report.

    No matter how things shake out in Egypt, one thing has become depressingly clear: Something is very wrong with the American intelligence services.
    First it was CIA Director Leon Panetta, telling a House committee there was a "strong likelihood" that Mubarak would step down Thursday night -- an erroneous prediction that, the CIA later admitted, turned out to be based on "press reports," not agency field work.
    This is shocking - reading press releases for his report on the progress of his intelligence gathering. There is more.

    First it was CIA Director Leon Panetta, telling a House committee there was a "strong likelihood" that Mubarak would step down Thursday night -- an erroneous prediction that, the CIA later admitted, turned out to be based on "press reports," not agency field work.
    Then it was Panetta's nominal boss, Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, telling Congress that the violent pro-jihad Muslim Brotherhood is "largely secular" and has "eschewed violence."
    Read the whole distressing report. 

    Riot Police in Iran- Anti Government Demonstration

    Iranians shouting death to the dictator.

    Obama, Are you supporting this revolt like the Egypt revolt?

    Obama, show some courage.

    This report from Telgraph-UK World News

    Monday, February 14, 2011

    So Now Fruits and Vegetables Are A Cause for Children's Allergies

    What to believe these days.

    It always has been a standard diet recommendation that fruits and vegetables are required for healthy diet. Now this.

    If your child has a reaction to a certain food, you should stop feeding the child this food. Simple as that.

    Don't go around saying it is bad for all the children is my thought.

    This is from Sweden's Thelocal

    Cities and States Going Bankrupt a Bad Idea

    This report offers no solution to the massive debt created by the union government pensions.

    The report is concerned about bondholders. The Judge can have them paid off first, then shut down the union's largess and make it the same as us with 401Ks .

    The report is from San Francisco Chronicle.

    No bailout will be forthcoming from Washington, so renegotiating the labor union's contracts is target #1.
    Bankruptcy is the only option so that we can start over with clean slate.

    U.S.Customs Officer States Dirty Bombs Have Been Found in U.S.

    This report from Daily Mail UK Reported by David Gardner.

    We have to get our vital news from outside the USA ?

    Might be cover up or under secret investigation. I am worried.

    I guess we are to wait for another 9/11.

    There is a video of an interview with the officer. The officer did not give any specific information, so might be that more is coming out on this. There may be reasons to withhold such information.

    South Dakota, Has Low Unemployment, Has a Very Poor County(an Indian Reservation)

    It was always my thought that the reservation was an Indian Nation, independent of U.S.A. 
    So, we giving foreign aid to them, I have no problem with that, seeing as how we send it to the whole world, Egypt to name just one of hundreds. We are crazy.

    Right here in southern California, we have a slew of Indian Casinos, would it be too presumptuous to ask, can you help your brothers and sisters in South Dakota?

    Read this report from MSNBC Written by AP Reporter Norman Vincent

    Sunday, February 13, 2011

    Sunday Psalm

    Psalm 150

    Praise ye the Lord.
    Praise God in his sanctuary:
    Praise him in the firmament
    of his power.

    Praise him for his mighty
    acts; praise him in according to
    excellent greatness.

    Praise him with the sound
    of the trumpet: Praise him with
    the psaltery and harp.

    Praise him with the timbrel
    and dance: Praise him with
    stringed instruments and organs.

    Praise him upon the loud
    cymbals: praise him upon the
    high sounding cymbals.

    Let every thing that hath
    breath praise the Lord.
    Praise ye the Lord.


    Saturday, February 12, 2011

    Mubarak's Assets in Switzerland Frozen

    Come now, there are better and safer places to stash these days than Switzerland.
    Where do those Saudi Kings and Princes put all theirs? Probably have their own bank right there in Riyadh. For a price, you can put yours there as well. Just a thought.

    The Sultan of Brunei? These guys, filthy rich, there biggest problem, where can I hid it all.

    This report from MSNBC

    In California, Retailers Cannot Ask for Zip Code .What's So Personal?

    Thousands use my zip code 90638-4540. My privacy in jeopardy? 

    I wish lawmakers would just stop and take a deep breath and think before doing anything that might embarrass you or damage us.

    Read more from CNN U.S.

    Trust Your Postal Worker? Watchdog Reports Some Using Credit Cards for Fun

    Who can you trust these days?

    There was a time before 1950 that mail was delivered twice a day.

    Been going down hill for a long time. 

    Postal workers are unionized, did you know that?

    This excellent report by the Washington Post Written by Ed O'Keefe for "Keeping tabs on the Government"

    Here is an excerpt from the article.

    All told, the mail agency could have saved more than $600,000 in excessive travel costs during fiscal 2009 and 2010 if it had cracked down on non-compliant workers, the report said.
    Despite the fraud, the Postal Service cut its travel budget by 17 percent in fiscal 2010 to $94.8 million
    Goodness, travel down to $94 million still seems way too much. How many conventions is that? 

    This cannot go on.  Read the whole article and get mad.

    Turkey Working on Closer Ties With Iran & Syria

    • Turkey, A Nato partner, now wants to be a partner with Iran and Syria who plan to kill us.
    • Turkey betrayed us in our Iraq war. Would not let us access Iraq from the north.
    Read more from CNS NEWS written by Patrick Goodenough

    Our State Department seems to have no problem with these openly (thumbing their nose at us) diplomatic ventures favoring our Muslim enemies.

    Friday, February 11, 2011

    Many Students Moving to Charter Schools. California Leads.

    Moving away from unions and their control of education. That's good news.

    This report from Fox News
    Written by William La Jeunesse and Laura Prabucki

    Here is a enlightening excerpt from the excellent news report.

    "I think charter schools are more successful right now than public schools because they are taking risk, being innovative in what they are doing and they are making changes to the current system, " said McCardle, an English teacher with the Animo Pat Brown Green Dot charter school.
    Exciting changes happening, but a lot more news needs to get out about the success of charter schools.
    Off topic a tad, but even home schools are increasing. Read more from the link.

    TSA(Transportation Security Administration) OK's Unions.

    • Striking would be prohibited. Why join unions and pay dues if you cannot strike?
    • Perhaps the dues will go in to the political action fund for the Democrats.
    • Mob rule and corruption are associated with unions.
    • Those that do not want to join and pay dues will be pressured by fellow workers.
    Read more at Fox News by Mike Levine

    Obamcare Would Reduce Employment by 800,000 Says CBO Director

    Straight from the CBO'S mouth, that's powerful.

    Will anyone hear about this wonderful bit of information?

    Short interview exchange here, but take a read at Weekly Standard

    Good News. Vast Oil Deposits in US, Now Can Be Drilled by New Techniques

    EPA(Environmental Protection Administration) will be fighting and foot dragging whenever and where ever they can.

    Congress will have to  come to their senses and act quickly  - get off the dime and push EPA out of the roadblocks.

    Then there are the refineries to deal with.  More EPA delays.

    Chron Business News This is a good read, informative and well thought out report by AP
    Energy writer, Jonathan Fahey

    Thursday, February 10, 2011

    Social Security Is Not So Secure, In Trouble by 2035.

    Some call it a "Ponzi Scheme."

    Is there really a actual Trust Fund? 
         The legislature keeps tapping into it, saying they will pay it back, we have endless IOU's! 

    Senator Boxer, says it will be secure for decades. I would think it should always be secure. Decades, does she know what a decade is?

    More from Investors Business Daily Written by Jed Graham

    EPA Lisa Jackson Taking Tough Questions by House Republicans

    Lisa Jackson responding to questions with another question, a ploy to have a few seconds to gather her thoughts or making fun of the questioner; this playing around and acting arrogant to the people's concerns about this agency is not smart.

    Wish we could stop all funding for this EPA monster right now.

    You can read more Daily Caller Written by Jonathon Strong

    Hoffa, President of the Teamsters, Says Unions Not the Problem.

    Blaming the rich, the Marxist refrain, over and over again.

    Is it possible to get someone neutral other than a union president to brag about unions?

    The unions are losing memberships but not in the government. They have the lawmakers bought off with the worker's union dues.

    This article report from The Detriot News Written by James P. Hoffa, Teamster President.

    This Writer, James P. Hoffa, should say something nice about the rich, robber barons to give some credibility to the article.

    The Vast Saudi Oil reserve May Not Exist.

    USA probably has more oil than Saudi, but our leftist government over the years has blocked drilling.

    Even if we finally are allowed to drill (months or years to clear this obstacle), how long will it take to get to the market?

    Another obstacle will be building and starting more refineries.

    Read an interesting article and comments from the American Thinker Written by Rick Moran.

    We, who have to suffer our present leader, Obama, he needs to act or step down.

    Wednesday, February 9, 2011

    $53 Billion for US Rail Expansion Proposed by US Vice President Biden

    Good, if it is primarily for hauling freight.

    Rail road traffic, can take a lot of trucks off the road.

    If you keep the government out of operating railroads, it will work fine.

    This report from M & C

    Rebate for Electric Vehicles Proposed by Obama.

    We are being bribed with our own money to buy this untested vehicle.
    • $7500 rebate, batteries may cost that much to replace and dispose.
    • Can they be operable efficiently in cold or hot climes? Think heater and air conditioner. 
    • Power grid drain when thousands in your city are recharging nightly. Brownouts likely?
    • Batteries are less efficient in severe climate.
    This news item from THE HILL 
    Written by Andrew Restuccia- A interesting report and the comments are worth a read.

    Los Angeles County California Urges You toTake Ecstasy(Narcotic) Safely.

    USA's "War on Drugs", It is over, and USA is the loser.

    • Rave dance participants at the Coliseum needed cautionary advice on consuming the drug.
    • The Coliseum, not a safe place at any hour.
    Read more about the drug enhancement policy of a city and environs at CBS LOS ANGELES

    Enjoy Eggs? Good News, Might Be Good for You.

    So now it is O.K. to eat THIS YEAR. Next years study, who knows.

    The National Egg Board busy in Washington - ha.

    Read all about this new study in CBS NEWS

    I follow the low carbohydrate diet, I can eat eggs, cheese and meat, just avoid refined foods such as sugar, flour, rice and pasta. I have read Gary Taubes' Good Calories - Bad Calories and was convinced by the extensive research this book has to offer.

    Tuesday, February 8, 2011

    Bell California Council Members Charged, Reject Plea Offer

    A generous offer of two year prison and is turned down. Something is fishy here.

    Maybe they want to point fingers and share some of the blame with some other government officials.

    All this today is reported by Los Angeles Times and written by Jeff Gottlieb, Corina Knoll and Christopher Goffard. Comments as well as the column are telling.

    Britain's David Cameron Warns of the Encroaching "Multiculturism".

    Much to Britain's own policy over the years.

    What to do about it now? Read the excerpt from the news report.

    Concerns are about the young Muslims, the born in Britain Islamic Threat.

    Mr. Cameron has a policy and the first statesman to speak out.

    This report from the Commentary by Peter Wehner

    Read a portion of what the solution might be.

    Mr. Cameron spoke about the weakening of Britain’s collective identity as it relates to young Muslims. He laid out what needs to be done to defeat the home-grown Islamist threat in the UK, first by confronting it in all its forms, and second by creating a clear sense of shared national identity that is open to everyone.