Monday, August 29, 2011

Mexico's Sinola Drug Cartel's Massive Expansion of Meth Drug.

Unsettling news. It would seem the cartel must have Mexican officials too busy or afraid to make raids and clean up and win the war against the drug lords.
A police raid found 1,462 50 gallon drums of drug ingredients. Lots of volume and then the lab work hidden somewhere.
Here is an excerpt of what has been found.
But nobody was prepared for the size of the meth network officials found in industry-heavy Queretaro, one of Mexico's safest states in terms of drug violence. The two seizures were related, the U.S. official said, and came out of the arrest of a local meth distributor months ago.
Mr. President, close our borders and stop this drug trade. Mexico's President is blaming the US for buying the drugs. He has a good point.

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