Saturday, January 5, 2013

Obama's Past 4 Years of Economic Woes; Latest Gallup Reveals Outlook Is Dismal.

  • It is going to get far worse.
  • An aside note: Increase in gun sales is a very scary indication.
 An excerpt from the report,

By a nearly two-to-one margin Americans are certain that 2013 will see 12 months of economic troubles. That seems like a pretty safe expectation since that's what we've had for four years of this administration, despite $800 billion-plus in wasted economic stimulus. Call it Obama Continuity.
The two-thirds (65%) who see a tough economic year ahead, despite Obama's improving golf game, is one of the highest percentage of gloom-sayers since Gallup first asked the question 48 years ago.
  • Socialism has failed repeatedly, but we are not convinced yet! 
  • We can blame ourselves for this.
Read the rest of this excellent article at the INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY by Andrew Malcom.

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