Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Federal U.S. Disability: Many Can Work, but Refuse. The New Growing Fraud.

The new welfare scam.

All recipients should be monitored at least annually to show that they are truly disabled.

If you are unemployable (have no skills or just picky), you should be disqualified. This is not a disability!

Have a program that offers anyone who reports a proven fraud, be given a $5000 reward.

You can be sure there are many lawyers and their doctors ready to help you get through the system. Just search for disability help, you will bring up many pages of lawyers and doctors.

Our dwindling social security fund, is short funded because back in President Johnson's era, he approved funding for disability from the SSI coffers. 

Just some thoughts.

Read more from the WASHINGTON EXAMINER - WATCHDOG TODAY by Luke Rosiak.


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