Thursday, September 19, 2013

160,000 Walgreen Workers Forced to Accept Failing Obamacare or Fines.

This is not the first large corporation to react to Obamacare.

Even if you elect to take no insurance and can take care of yourself, you still have to pay a fine to the government.

An excerpt from the news article.

Just a few months ago, Senator Rockefeller (D-WV), one of the key masterminds behind ObamaCare, warned it was a “train wreck coming”.  And the Liberal Democrats put Americans on that train.  But, have no fear, as the train (representing 1/6th of our economy) implodes, the Salesman in the White House will reassure us from his teleprompter that we’re imagining the pain. -
Why don't everyone be responsible for their own health insurance like they do for car insurance?

     Just some thoughts for the day.

This report is from GATEWAY PUNDIT by Andrea Ryan. 

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