Tuesday, February 18, 2014

America's Energy Boom Gets Another Boost From the New All-Alaska Gas Pipelilne.

Good news!

Routing the line without crossing state or Canadian borders - that's good thinking, but seems late.

These opportunities were open long ago.

Maybe the process of extracting was not fully developed at that time.

Here is an extract from the news report.
The All-Alaska Gas Pipeline is being championed by Republican Governor Sean Parnell, who in 2010 ran and won on the Tea Party-supported “Cut-Cap-and-Balance Pledge.” This has forced the high-spending Alaska Legislature to face the reality that oil production from the North Slope is in decline and has fallen by a third in the last six years. Parnell defeated the Democrats’ and liberals’ demands to raise corporate taxation of oil companies, then legislated higher energy incentives to spur the AAGP.
I hope that California wakes up to get active in natural gas development, a real shot in the arm for this bankrupt state of California.

     Just some thoughts for the day.

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