Friday, February 22, 2013

27,000 Missing In Mexico. Were Arrested but Never Seen Again.

  • Do not travel in Mexico!
  • You go to jail and then disappear.
  • I am not shocked.
An excerpt the news report.
In many cases, these detentions occur in victims’ homes, in front of family members; in others, they take place at security checkpoints, at workplaces or in public venues, such as bars,” the report says. “When victims’ relatives inquire about detainees’ whereabouts at the headquarters of security forces and public prosecutors’ offices, they are told that the detentions never took place.”
Adding to the agony of family members, the prosecutors who are asked to investigate routinely blame the victims, suggesting that they had connections to organized crime or simply ran off for romantic liaisons, the report says. Then they tell the families to conduct searches on their own, sloughing off investigative responsibilities.
  • Mexicans must live in fear.
  • No wonder we have 20 million or more illegal aliens in the United States.
Read more about Mexico's human rights on this site Mc CLATCHY by Tim Johnson.

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