Saturday, February 9, 2013

Was Obama Unwilling to Be Available on Benghazi Sept.11 Fateful Night?

  • If true, dereliction of duty, an impeachable offense.
  • Shows cowardice.
  • Why was an Admiral and a General deposed after 9/11?

An excerpt from the report,
If Panetta is to be believed -- and we can only assume that if he is lying, he is doing so to protect his boss from even worse revelations -- then Obama was either completely unavailable that night (September 11!) or completely unwilling to take steps to help Americans who he knew were in the process of being killed in Benghazi.
  • Obama had the power to save, but did nothing.
  • Senator Graham says he will keep pushing for the reason of Obama's absence.
  • Would of been great to have this hearing before the election.
Read more from the AMERICAN THINKER by Daren Jonescu.

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