Thursday, March 14, 2013

Federal Lunches for School Kids Is $3.3 Billion of Your Money. Why Do We Have to Pay to Feed Everyone's Kids?

  • If the parents will not prepare the lunch, this shows laziness or lack of care.
  • In the Olden Days they would be punished for child neglect.
  • Is there a way to protest feeding kids not in my family?
  • Do the kids like what the government feeds them?
 An excerpt from the news report,
In the America of brown-bag school lunches, the lunches that were lovingly put in the bags were generally not only bought and paid for by moms and dads, they were made and packed by moms and dads.
But concomitant with the rise of the federally subsidized lunch, there has been a decline in moms and dads.
  • So the rest of us, taking care of our children, have to take over raising the other peoples children.
  • Just a thought.
 More from the CNSNEWS by Terence P. Jefferey. 

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