Friday, May 17, 2013

Obama's Gangster Governing Has Been Happening for a Long Time.

  • Right now there are three hot scandals, who knows how many more are brewing.
  • Those that have been unjustly fired, can feel some payback is in the future.
An excerpt from the news commentary,

 One of the most outrageous early examples of the vilest sort of hardball came in the case that we at The Washington Times(when I was there) called “Walpin-Gate.” When Gerald Walpin, the well-respected Inspector General for the Corporation for National and Community Service, dared to point an unwanted focus on a close personal ally of the Obamas, not only did the White House fire himwithout the necessary notice to Congress but also smeared Mr. Walpin with the clear insinuation that he was becoming senile.
The message was clear: “Mess with us and we’ll mess with you in a way you ain’t never been messed before – and it’s gonna hurt.”

  • All these gangsters must be criminally prosecuted and appoint a special prosecutor.
  • Inspector Generals are not Obama's friend.
  • We are overwhelmed and numbed by Washington D.C.'s crimes.
  • Thoughts for today.  
An excellent news commentary from the CENTER FOR INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM by Quin Hillyer.

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