Thursday, May 23, 2013

Politically Correct Army Proposes Women In Combat. Will Not Win Battles, but Will Satisfy Politicians.

  • Our top General Dempsey is introducing this.
  • Common sense would prevail saying this is a crazy idea!
  • How many women are really behind this?
  • Is there a shortage of men?
  • With unemployment at record high, I wager there is a long line of men waiting to join the Army.
  • In World War II, we had a severe men shortage to wage the war, but no women ever served in combat.
  • A review of officer corp is needed; as well as what the academy is teaching our warriors.
  • Teach them to win battles, not to appease politicians. 
  • Just some thoughts for today.
More to read from this excellent report from the FRONT PAGE MAGAZINE by Daniel Greenfield.

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