Thursday, August 8, 2013

Economic Recovery for California Will Be Forthcoming if They Would Only Drill, Baby, Drill.

California's legislature dominated by environmentalist and union label Democrats by 75%, what chance for economic common sense.

Are these legislature creatures going to wait for the whole State of California to crash?

An excerpt from this column, 

Development and production of this oil will give us the Whole Package of:
  • Millions of jobs
  • Energy independence
  • No reliance on foreign energy
  • Less wars since our dependence on the rest of the world decreases
  • Huge increase of local and national tax base
  • Control of our destiny
  • Wipe out of the deficit
The rest of the nation will cash in on the oil and gas, we in California will still have Disney.

We can only pray.

Just some thoughts for the day.

This excellent report (read it all) is from CAPOLITICAL REVIEW by Kay Martin.  

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