Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Obama's Veteran Administration Staff Receive Huge Bonuses, While Record Backlog for Claims.

Bonuses for government workers?

Rewards for incompetence.

Veterans should get top priority in processing their claims.

An excerpt from the news report, 

The Baltimore office, which has the longest wait times in the country, gave bonuses averaging $1,100 each to 40 percent of its workforce. The Oakland, Calif., office, which shut its doors to retrain underperforming employees, awarded nine out of every 10 workers a total of about $33,000--almost enough to pay the standard year's benefit to a veteran who is 100 percent disabled.
In Sioux Falls, S.D., claims workers processed claims four times as fast as those in Oakland and Baltimore but less than one in 10 there received extra pay last year.
Veterans say the massive delays and VA backlogs have added economic pain to their injuries.

We should have investigations, but there is a huge backlog in our Congress for a committee. 

     Just some thoughts.

This news report and its comments are from BREITBART- BIG PEACE by Wynton Hall.

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