Friday, April 12, 2013

71 Percent of a Police Poll Reveal They Are Opposed to Federal Gun Ban. This News Restricted by Major Media.

  • So what! Many are tuning out ABC,NBC & CBS TV anyway. 
  • Cable is losing viewers as well.
  • Fox News is leading in viewing.
  • And Rush Limbaugh listeners are there everyday for three hours- 15 million of them.
  • The Democrat propaganda media is being revealed, slowly but surly.
  • Fox is already there in pure news.
  • Surely, vendors of the truth will emerge from this suppression of the truth.
  • People will eventually seek the truth and pass on to friends.
  • Conservative Radio talk shows reign, and will increase.
  • And then there is the Drudge Report.
An excerpt from the report, 
Police One, the leading website for law enforcement professionals, received over 15,000 responses to its survey on gun policy and law enforcement. They constitute a strong refutation of the liberal program, and so must be suppressed at all costs. See the Police One summary here. For example:
  • Perhaps the way to get the media's attention is to pick a big time advertiser and organize a boycott.
  • Just some thoughts for the day. 
Read more of this excellent report and  comments from the AMERICAN THINKER by Thomas Lifson.

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