Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stockton, California Bankruptcy Permitted by Judge. Municipal Bondholders May Be In Jeopardy.

  • Who will invest in municipal bonds?
  • Once considered a safe investment.
  • Creditors may not get paid.
  • Cities in California, Michigan, Illinois and others,  may have to pay cash for services from now on.
  • City and State leaders who set up this largess; are long gone.
  • Governor Brown can cancel his $100 billion Choo-Choo train and bail out his mess. Sarcasm off.
  • Eventually the money will be gone.
  • Think about this: Democrat run California is $127 billion in debt, but Texas has $8.8 billion surplus.
  • Just some thoughts for today.
Read more from the AMERICAN THINKER by Rick Moran. 

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