Thursday, October 17, 2013

21st Century World Has Thirty Million In Slavery! Half of Them From India.

How trustworthy is this study?

I cannot believe that there are 100 slaves in Iceland!

Most know the following without any study.
     Because all the Muslim women are slaves, which would include Muslim nations of Saudi, Pakistan, All middle east nations excluding Israel and  Indonesia, to name the most Muslim populated nations.

Is this study from a UN group? No.

A private humanitarian source publishing statistics.

   An excerpt from the news report,

According to the index, 10 countries alone account for three quarters of the world's slaves.
After India, China has the most with 2.9 million, followed by Pakistan (2.1 million), Nigeria (701,000), Ethiopia (651,000), Russia (516,000), Thailand (473,000), Democratic Republic of Congo (462,000), Myanmar (384,000) and Bangladesh (343,000).
We have UN campaigns against hunger sponsored by the UN, but I am not aware of any against slavery.

     Just some thoughts for the day.

Read the full report  from YAHOO! NEWS CANADA byTimothy Large  - Reuters  

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