Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Drought Stricken California Democrat Legislature Pushes Water Bill for Water Treatment but Not for Storage.

The Democrat Legislature still believes in the Global Warming/Climate Change fraud.

They have more concerns for the fish habitat than for agriculture.

California once called the breadbasket of the nation.

We need more dams for water and hydroelectricity!

     An excerpt from Breitbart report.
California remains in the midst of one of its worst droughts in a century, with little changed despite heavy rains over the weekend that caused mudslides and forced evacuations in some mountainside regions. The state has largely declined to invest in new water storage capacity in recent years, focusing instead on conservation and recycling, and redirecting scarce water resources away from agriculture and towards restoring fish habitat.
Where would Los Angeles get its water and electricity, if the Colorado river Boulder Dam did not exist?

     Just some thoughts.

Read more at  BREITBART- BIG GOVERNMENT by Joel B. Pollak.

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