Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Global Warming Still Makes the News. New York Times Claims California Drought Is Not Caused by Global Warming.

New York Times asserts it is due to increased water consumption.

Consumed by millions of uninvited Mexicans.

Nothing new here. In Los Angeles area we have been consuming water from Colorado river and Boulder dam since constructed in the 1930 depression days.

We need more dams to take care of the uninvited Mexicans.

So then, we cannot ship them back. We are stuck with them.

We must build more dams, and establish desalination plants all along our coastline.

The environmentalists say that it will kill bait fish and we do not have the energy to desalinate salt water.

We have untapped  oil reserves right here in California that will empower desalination plants and still export our energy resources.

Democrats in Sacramento control and direct the water shortage programs for decades. Will not permit more dam constructions.

They prefer to protect bait fish as opposed to keeping California's breadbasket fame from drying up.

     Just some thoughts.

This report and its comments are from BREITBART- BIG GOVERNMENT by William Bigelow.

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