Wednesday, April 11, 2012

California's Gov. Brown's High Speed Rail Stalled. Funding Investigation.

  • Good news.!
  • U.S. House Rep. Issa is investigating. Good.
  • Subpoena Governor Brown to explain this train to nowhere. 
  • How many stops will it make?
  • It will be cheaper to fly when all is finished.
  • All estimates of these projects always double when the project is finished.
  • Now if it was freight hauling, that would make sense. We need to get more trucks off our highways and onto trains.
  • Why would anyone want to be in a hurry to get to San Francisco or Los Angeles?
  • They are planning to shorten the route to reduce costs, can't help but laugh. 
  • Can this be derailed?
  • Just a thought.
Read more from the Christian Science Monitor by Daniel B. Wood.

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