Tuesday, April 10, 2012

N. Korea Told by U.S. to Stop Nuke Tests. Obama's Speak Softly, Carry a Wet Noodle

  • Teddy Roosevelt would be appalled.
  • Surly there must be in that nation some brave souls who can take out that hierarchy.
  • Maybe South Korea prefers the present stalemate situation, considering the mess they would be in if a coup was ever carried out.
  • It would seem China would prefer, leaving well enough alone, having enough brewing insurgencies of their own.
  • United Nations Human Rights knows all about the inhumanity. 
  • It was in 1950's when the UN was engaged in the Korean War. 
  • How ideals change over time and leadership.
Read more from SWISSINFO by Arshad Mohammed - Reuters.

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