Tuesday, April 3, 2012

U.S. 9th Circuit Court Rules for Affirmative Action Ban.

  • What a surprise from the 9th Circuit.
  • Common sense sometimes prevails in our courts.
  • University is not a place to practice diversity. Education is the primary function.
Read an excerpt from the report,
Ralph Kasarda, attorney with the Pacific Legal Foundation who had argued in favor of the ban, said the court’s decision was not surprising since the issue had already been decided. This case was redundant and baseless, he said.
“The bottom line from both decisions by the 9th Circuit — today’s and the ruling 15 years ago — is that California voters have every right to prohibit government from color-coding people and playing favorites based on individuals’ sex or skin color,” Kasarda said in a statement.
At least six states have adopted bans on using affirmative action in state college admissions. Besides California and Michigan, they include Arizona, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Washington.
  • What about the workplace regarding hiring procedures?
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