Monday, April 30, 2012

Social Security Ponzi Scheme Needs a Remedy--Now!

  • President Johnson opened my trust fund for his great society.
  • Since then it has been tapped and tapped for food stamps and generous unemployment payments.
  • Why is disability insurance being taken out of my SSI?
  • Bush's plan would solve the problem, but Democrats nixed it. Private accounts in savings or prudent investment with a private insurance you pay for starting when you work to kick in if you live past 85 and will pay till you die.
  • Chile has a working plan. Lets see if we can do the same!
  • We need to clean house starting with Washington's bureaucrats.
 An excerpt from the editorial,
Encouraging more private savings would provide a safety net if Social Security benefits do have to be cut. Allowing more generous tax-free contributions to 401(k) and IRA accounts is a good place to start.
Finally, revisiting the idea of replacing a government-controlled retirement system with private accounts must be raised again and honestly debated.
When former President George W. Bush proposed private accounts, the outrage from Democrats and even some Republicans killed the plan before its merits were fully explored.

  • Do we have any politicians who will work for us? No!
  • We have had the problem getting worse and they have been saying not to worry, it is good for many years.

Read more from DETROIT NEWS Editorial.

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