Thursday, December 13, 2012

California Had a Net Loss of 100,000 People In 2011. Most Went to Texas.

  • California, a nice climate and unsurpassed scenery; but has unsurpassed taxes, unreasonable environmental laws, out of control immigration and public and private unions.
  • Only the rich can leave or those that are not  rich, but out of a job.
  • The rich can pack up and leave in an hour.
  • We that have a mortgage, love our home, city, friends, church, won't leave.
  • We will pay a high price to stay.
 An excerpt from the editorial;

The Tax Foundation ranks California behind only New York and New Jersey as the worst state in its 2013 Business Tax Climate Index. It is the fourth worst state in which to make a living, according to Money Rates; has the fourth highest income tax burden, says the Tax Foundation; and has the third highest jobless rate.
As if the tax millstone weren't already heavy enough, the voters decided in November to approve Proposition 30, which increases the state sales and income taxes.
  • The old saying, you have to hit bottom before going back up.
  • Looks like California is hitting bottom and a hard lesson is ahead.
Read more of this excellent editorial from INVESTORS BUSINESS DAILY

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