Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Michigan's Gov. Snyder Makes It the 24th Pro-Worker State, As Defined by the Governor.

  • Brave Michigan legislatures stepped forward and got it done.
  • Will they have to have police protection for them and their family from the labor thugs?
  • A historical moment due to this state being well known as a labor union stronghold.
  • Will others follow?
  • Sure hope so.
  • Would never happen in my California, sorry to say.
  • Freedom to choose your work place without joining any organization, that's the American way.
  • Make the right to choose a national agenda starting in the U.S.House Chamber.
  • Government unions removed all competion in work rules, wages, pensions, whereas at least in private unions you at least had to bargain with a employer while the competion kept on working and producing. This weakens the strikers.
Read more from the DETROIT NEWS by Chad Livengood and Karen Bouffard.

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