Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Obama's Electric Cars Has No Resale Value, So Nobody Buys.

  • Replace costly battery ($12,000), value plummets.
  • What if you want to take a trip, 4 hours to recharge after 40 miles, a 400 mile trip to Las Vegas, would take 40 hours just charging the battery.
  • Then you must have recharge stations all along the way. 
  • They are not there and never will be.
  • Cold weather influences battery efficiency.
  • Heater or air conditioners if you dare use them, will take battery energy as well.
  • What if there is a brown out or black out and you cannot charge your battery, you can go nowhere.
  • Obama's futile venture is a failure.
This excellent report from PJ MEDIA by Seton Motley.

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