Monday, November 18, 2013

A New Cowardly Possibly Fatal Game "Knockout" Is Spreading. Lone Strangers Are Picked by Black Youth Gangs.

The race of the cowards was not cited in the report, but the video shows blacks.

Can one assume the race when the news does not report the color?

It's a shame one cannot walk the streets alone in a presumably safe surroundings, and be taken out by a bunch of thugs. 

No defense against bored, thoughtless black youths roaming the streets looking for the fun of taking someone out.

Having a gun, is no defense against roving youth gangs coming up behind to harm you, they may kill you.

Police may see them roving, but what can they do?

Stiff penalty when apprehended, such as the broken window policy of Giuliani's mayoral days of NYC should be invoked.

Police should set up bait for these cowards.

The judge should send them to Arizona's Sheriff Joe's tent prison for a few years.

     Just some thoughts for the day.

This news report is from WASHINGTON CBS LOCAL by Chris Lingebach.

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