Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Legal Immigrants Face Long Delays. While Obama's "Dream Act" for Illegals May Be the Cause.

Obama prefers those that may have tuberculosis, and other diseases which are controlled here, but not in Mexico. A great risk for our unsuspecting U.S. citizens and especially children.

They cannot read or write English.

Many get driver's license anyway.

Have no insurance.

Law enforcement looks the other way.

While those that pay fees, pass health examinations, have a domicile from sponsor and a job offer, they get pushed to the back of the line.

Our government, law enforcement is a huge disappointment. Just read some of the polls.

     An excerpt from the news article, 
In addition, most public attention--and the effort of the administration--has focused on illegal immigration. As he addressed an immigration reform rally in San Francisco Monday, the president was heckled by a protestor demanding a halt to deportations. Few activists have taken an interest in the cause of legal immigrants.
It is showing a bad image for those who still regard the United States as a place of hope, a place to apply their knowledge and be a legal citizen. But they are being pushed aside for illegals who care less about how they are endangering us.

     Just some thoughts.

Read more from BREITBART - BIG GOVERNMENT by Joel B. Pollak.

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