Saturday, November 30, 2013

California Bullet Train Might Be a "Train Wreck."Judge's Ruling Regarding Bond Sales.

Another unpopular government project that has lagged for five years, but now may be stopped.

How much has been spent on this program so far?

Money that could have taken care of millions of "pot holes" in our streets or,
Build more prisons, instead of letting the criminals out to ravage Californians.

     An excerpt from the news item.

California Governor Jerry Brown’s not so little engine that could permanently wreck the California economy looks like it may be the little engine that couldn’t get built. Superior Court Judge Michael Kenny ruled on Monday that the state could not proceed with its plans to sell $8 billion of the $10 billion in bonds that voters allotted the $68 billion bullet train in 2008.

No comment from Governor Brown's office.

     Just a thought for today.

Read more about it here BREITBART - BIG GOVERNMENT by William Bigelow. 


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