Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Only 3 Per Cent Enrolled In Obamacare. This Is Only From 12 Working Sites.

Obama, admit defeat, this time you will not be telling a lie.

But, but, it was Romney's idea!

It was a sneaky trap set by Romney years ago. (Just trying to be funny).

     An excerpt from the news report:

Hot Air did the math: With 7 million being the total enrollee goal by the end of next March and only 100,000 enrolled thus far, the White House is "1.4 percent of the way there with almost 25 percent of the initial enrollment period having already elapsed."
How will the Democrats recover from this blatant fraud? 

    My thoughts for the day.

Read more of the report and especially the comments from BREITBART - BIG GOVERNMENT by John Nolte.

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