Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Obama 'Hard Times' Are On Us. Days Before Thanksgiving, Some Soup Kitchens Have Closed.

  • Have an Obama Phone, but no food!
  • Elections have consequences. 
  • Trying hard to have sympathy.
  • Of course, there are always those in need who cannot help themselves.
Here is an excerpt from the news report about the new poor;
Moving back to the west, St. Louis is now reporting that local food pantries are being overrun thanks to the “new poor.” Emmanuel Seventh Day Adventist Food Pantry Director Liz Chambwa says demand is up significantly: “People are losing their jobs, there’s not enough food coming in anymore for donors as much as they used to, so we really have to get out and do a lot of food drives and we get more and more people every week.
  • Perhaps many of the former donors are on unemployment.
A final comment from the news report,
This is the new normal. And it’s set to get worse, thanks to the business impact of Obamacare and tax increases pushed by President Obama.
Read more from BREITBART BIG GOVERNMENT by Ben Shapiro.

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