Saturday, November 3, 2012

Senator Rand Paul Asks Secretary Clinton If She Denied Security for Ambassador Stevens.

  • Several hearings are scheduled for this scandal, will take place after the election.
  • It is all quite on the Media front.
  • Media's roll is to inform, not edit news. Isn't that a requirement of their license to fully inform?
  • Pull their license!
An excerpt from the Daily Caller report,  
Paul has been outspoken about the Benghazi attacks before, even calling for an end to foreign aid to Libya until the perpetrators are brought to justice. But he has been critical of the Obama administration as well as Libyan authorities.
“Where the hell were the Marines?” Paul asked in October. “In Libya, where were the Marines? There were no uniformed Marines guarding our ambassador?”
  • Obama will just pardon all of those criminals, except he cannot pardon himself.
More from DAILY CALLER by Janes Antle III.

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