Monday, June 17, 2013

Britain and Scotland's Wind Energy Industry Subsidy Can Reach 1.3 Million Pounds for Each Job.

  • When private investors avoid this industry, this should be a clue to the government.
  • Only government with taxpayers money and no risk for their spending. 
  • Here in the US we still have wind farms, but no private investors willing to take the risk.
  • Was this to create jobs or find cheaper electricity?
  • The news article stresses creation of jobs.
Here is an excerpt from the news report,
Wind farms are controversial not only because of the cost, but also because of claims that the turbines, which can be more than 400ft high, are ruining the countryside. Campaigners have said the planning system remains loaded in favour of developers and that too little of the countryside is protected from their spread.
Earlier this month David Cameron signalled that local people would have more say over wind farms in their areas. Developers would have to offer much greater compensation for building them, and planners will be compelled to take into account their visual impact and the views of locals.

  • With the technology we have today, surly other schemes can be developed to create cheap and clean energy. 
  • Petroleum is most abundant all over the world.
  • Work on ways to further develop to provide a cleaner and cheaper energy source for everyone.
This report from THE TELEGRAPH by Robert Mendick and Edward Malnick

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