Thursday, June 6, 2013

Democrat Congressman McDermott (WA) Hearing IRS Wittiness's and Saying Their Testimony Might Not Be Truthful.

  • The Congressman saying he don't believe them, and then saying he didn't say that when cornered by Fox interviewer Kelly.
  • Why didn't he ask for proof, demand they testify under oath?
  • No, he just accused them of lying.
An excerpt from this report, 
Kelly then asked incredulously, "So he was lying?" Rep. McDermott denied he was calling Mr. Kookogey a liar and demanded Kelly stop putting words in his mouth, but he went on to say, "People can say anything and they do say in testimony before committees. But the fact is we don't know that to be true."

  • Are there any Democrats who witness this attempt to defame and accuse good people of lying when the congressman cannot prove his accusation? Shame you Democrats!
  • Just some thoughts for today.
Read more and watch Kelly's interview on BREITBART-BIG GOVERNMENT by John Sexton.

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