Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Immigration Bill Takes Jobs From Our Youth; Complains Senator Sanders. Three of Ten American Youths Need Jobs Now!

  • Does the senator from Vermont really care?
  • He will vote with the Gang of Eight anyway, 
  • He is a liberal, go figure.
  • Anyway, our youth are to good or lazy to make beds, mop and sweep floors, clean tables, pick lettuce, mow lawns, clean houses, care for the handicapped or elderly, and so forth.
  • The parents should order them to do these type of jobs or move out!
  • These are the kind of jobs where you start up the ladder; if you have some ambition.
  • The Texting Generation, This is what Rush Limbaugh calls them. 
  • How appropriate.
  • You see them texting on the street corner, not talking, just texting, oblivious to surroundings.
  • Can it be they are texting each other? Might be.
  • Signs of our Big Government times.
  • Just some thoughts for the day. 
Read more from BREITBART-BIG GOVERNMENT by Mathew Boyle.

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