Friday, June 14, 2013

Never Ending War On Christianity Increases In a Christian U.S.A.

  • Senator Rand Paul says there is a war!
  • He spoke today at the Faith and Freedom Coalition luncheon.
  • A serious Christian contender for the president.
An excerpt from the report,
Senator Rand Paul's Remarks below:

Last year in Pakistan, 14-year-old Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head by the Taliban for being a girl and for wanting to go to school.

If you haven’t seen the YouTube videow of Malala being interviewed on national television, speaking out for the education of girls, watch and you will be amazed at her poise and grace.

Malala never met the great Urdu poet Parveen Shakir, who grew up in Pakistan when women could become highly educated and even Prime Minister. 
This line from one of Shakir's poems reminds me of Malala: 

"They insist upon evaluating the firefly in daylight. The children of our age, have grown clever."

Why would anyone want to kill this innocent young girl? Because Malala, in her young life, insisted on exposing the firefly to daylight.

Her "crime," as seen by the Taliban, is to believe in enlightenment, to believe that out of the darkness a flicker of tolerance can glow and grow to overcome ignorance. 

Americans are seen by Pakistanis as infidels and invaders. We will not in a thousand years bring enlightenment to Pakistan, only Pakistan can do that.

  • The United States is supporting Satan.
  • Does anybody know or care?
  • God will not be defied! 
Read the rest of this excellent report from the CBN NEWS by David Brody - The Brody File.

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