Friday, November 11, 2011

Another Solar Firm May Be Going Bankrupt.

  • Investors know it is not going to pay off for them.
  • It has not been proven to be producing as advertized.
  • No tax money for this company.
Here is an excerpt explaining it all.
Knoll said restructuring is necessary because the company has experienced a big decline in sales in its core European market, where governments have changed solar incentives. The U.S. market has not developed as expected, the Chinese market has added to capacity, and global financial uncertainties have slowed the marketplace, he added. "We're one of the few American manufacturers of solar," he said. "We still believe that solar can be manufactured in the states at a competitive cost structure for the global market."
Even with Obama giving them a loan, they are not going to survive. Remember Solyndra.

Read more from The Detroit News by Melissa Burden.

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