Saturday, November 12, 2011

Pipline's 20,000 Jobs; Obama's Vote Is "Not Present" Again. This Is for Votes?

  • The word goes out that Obama kills 20,000 jobs for the EPA, whose votes is president seeking?
  • So Canada will just run the pipeline to the west for Japan and China.
  • This is crazy!
Read an excerpt from the report.
  • By refusing to approve a project that would have increased the flow of oil into the country from a friendly nation, Obama has shown that getting closer to genuine energy independence through projects that are not pie-in-the-sky “green” boondoggles is not something that interests him. While, as a report in Politico noted, there seemed little political incentive for Obama to pull the trigger on Keystone XL one way or the other now, next summer may be a different story. If oil prices go up next year as the result of further turmoil in the Middle East or a conflict involving Iran, the president may regret a short-sighted political calculation that will decrease the country’s ability to avoid dependence on the Persian Gulf and other oil-rich hotspots.
And so it goes, we have to wait for January 21, 2013.
Read more from Commentary Magazine by Jonathan S.Tobin.

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