Friday, November 4, 2011

State Approved Anarchy in Oakland, California.

  • California Governor Brown, former mayor of Oakland, is he giving a thumbs up for this destruction?
  • Rampant, mindless destruction of private property, small shops, banks, whatever is in their path.
  • Acorn, Unions, Communist Party, Nazi Party, Democrat Party, all are supporting this.
  • When some innocent defenseless person gets killed, who is going to take responsibility?
Here is an excerpt from the news report. 

After that the mob headed over to the Port of Oakland, the nation's fifth busiest, to shut down commerce. They did so by erecting burning barricades, blocking trucks, and effectively holding drivers hostage. CBS reported that they then hurled chunks of concrete, metal pipes, Roman candles and Molotov cocktails at police.
The aim? To "shut down the means of production," they said, and "stop the flow of goods," which they did for at least one shift at the busy Oakland port, affecting thousands of workers' jobs.
We hear or read nothing from the Governor, or the President urging calm and peaceful demonstration.

More from the Investor's Business Daily Editorial.

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