Friday, November 25, 2011

Gingrich Immigration Comment Was Not for Amnesty. It Was a Humane Solution Offered.

  • What Gingrich said was that those that were here more than 25 years could stay. Having them leave their homes, established family, business would not be a wise and humane endeavor. They would not have citizenship granted.
  • Gingrich the only candidate that can face reality in a problem and deal with it.
  • When President Reagan allowed a limited amount to immigrate there was to be a stop to it, it never happened. Congress and law enforcement turned and looked the other way.
  • 25 years might be a tad severe. Needs to be reviewed.
  • I would set it at 10 years. Have the employer be responsible that the illegal has health and auto insurance and posts bond for their work permit. If they have property, of course no bond needed.
  • Just a thought.
Read more of the issue at the HILL-Washington ,DC, by Justin Sink.

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