Thursday, November 17, 2011

Justice Kagan's Support of Omamacare Sen. Session Pressing Attorney General Holder for Information.

  • Attorney General Holder is going to know nothing, just like Fast and Furious.
  • Can Justice Kagan be impeached when reviewing a issue when the evidence is strong that she favors Obamacare?
Here are some of the questions that the Senator put forth to Holder.
Specifically, Sessions questioned Holder about:
• Any instances of Kagan being present in any meeting or conversation in which the health law and/or litigation related to it was discussed;
• Any instances when she was asked for her opinion or otherwise consulted regarding the law and its litigation;
• Any instances in which she offered any views or comments regarding the law and its litigation;
• Any instances when she reviewed any documents relating to the law or its litigation;
• Any instances in which information related to the law and its litigation was relayed or provided to Kagan;
• When his staff began 'removing' Kagan from health law-related meetings, on what basis that action was taken and in what other matters it was taken; and
• If he was aware of any conversation or meeting in which Kagan approved the involvement of the solicitor general's office in healthcare reform litigation.
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